Precision Trimmer For Body Hair – AllFu 10 in 1

AllFU 10 IN 1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Precision Trimmer For Bodyhair


Trimmer For Body HairMulti-Functional Grooming Kit with 10 Excellent Features

This Allfu Trimmer For Body Hair includes a beard and mustache trimmer, nose ear trimmer, hair clipper, precision trimmer, body groomer, and precision shaving system design.

Its Beard trimmer offers a one-stop solution that will suit the mustache, neck nose, face, beard. It is also ideal for groin hair removal.

Includes Four hair Trimmer and one Adjustable Comb

This Men’s Trimmer package comes with four hair trimmer combs (3/6/9/12 mm) for hair shaving and beard trimming. It includes one customization comb (1/2/3/4 mm) for the precision trimmer, beard trimming, shaping the mustache, and body hair to match your desire and style.

Easy Way to Detach Blade and Oil 

To detach the blade, you need to lift the trimmer head to make it easier to extract, then put the cutter head you wish to repair in the appropriate spot and click to fix it securely.

The trimmer doesn’t generally need to be moisturized with oil. If, after long-term usage, you notice the cutter head dragging hair or you want to shield it from this happening, you should use oil to lubricate it.


Water-proof Service and Power Display with LED Battery

This Men’s Body Hair Trimmer includes 100% water-proof cordless beard trimmer style for quick washing that can be used in damp weather for showering without any issue.

After just about 2 hours maximum charge, you can efficiently operate this Men’s Trimmer up to around 90 minutes continuously throughout the shaving period.

Its LED monitor will show power to the battery. Any travel would be more comfortable for you with this ALLFU Electronic Grooming Kit.

Allfu Trimmer For Body Hair -Skin-friendly and Ultra-sharp Blades

This Men’s Body Hair Trimmer package is not only super sturdy but also is skin-friendly and ultra-sharp. It trims deep below the face, right across thick and long beards, without pulling and tugging.

By moving and sliding the blades along with the hair comb and maintaining a precise distance, you can easily trim deep near the scalp with further pruning and low-friction control.

Amazingly, It would not create a high-temperature scalded scalp as its flexible guards allow the wireless trimmer to work smoothly.

Docking Stand, Oil and Brush, Reasonable Deal

The best part of this Men’s Trimmer kit is the docking stand, which will provide you with a great way to organize the components automatically and charge the trimmer when you dock it.

It has got plenty of attachments and comes with the oil and brush for maintenance and clean up. Although it has the same features like the way more expensive trimmers, it cuts or trimmed perfectly. The longevity of this product is also impressive since it’ll last more than 10 years.

Allfu Trimmer For Body Hair Key Features

– Its provides a smooth and accurate cut, so you can get the kind of beard style you like

– Anti-touch switch

– USB charging is easy to use with its universal voltage rating

– The whole trimmer is washable

Beard Trimmer and Hair Comb are included in the package


9 Total Score

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