BallsBalm – Body Hair Removal Cream

BallsBalm – Body Hair Removal Kit


BallsBalm Hair Removal creamBallsBalm Body Hair Cream – If you are the type of guy who gets worked up over your looks before going on a date, this BallsBalm Hair Removal Cream for men will make your day. The duality of this cream is just phenomenal, allowing for management of the most stubborn hair types and, at the same time making sure your skin remains smooth and radiant.

The consistency of the BallsBalm Bare Pair Threesome King Kombo cream is buttery, spreading quickly on your skin. The most noteworthy factor about this cream is the delectable smell, which is a unique standpoint among other hair removal creams for men. Its formula comprises of quality ingredients including vanilla beans, plant derivatives, thyme, and ginseng root extract.

BallsBalm – Is It Ideal?

The cream’s formulation removes the most stubborn hair. It is ideal for use on armpits, pubic regions, chest, legs, and arms. The Bare Pair Threesome King Kombo is formulated with nourishing oils to ensure your hair is left feeling soft and smooth all day long. It also contains a high amount of vitamin E, which helps to heal scars and cuts.

BallsBalm – Whats Included?

The Hair removal cream is a package making it more comprehensive with three different application steps, including the Bare Paw, which is for exfoliation, the Bare Balm for hair removal, and the Bare Calm Balm for moisturizing and healing purposes. The kit also comes with a pair of gloves which are handy during the process.

We appreciate the Ballsbalm Bare Calm Balm, not only because of its rather unique name but also because it is remarkably effective in soothing the skin after prior hair removal treatment. All the three Bare Pair units are curated to complement each other and give an optimal manscaping result.

BallsBalm – How to Use This Product

We do not recommend using the product on your face as it might cause irritation because how potent the Bare hair removal cream for men is.

You can use this hair removal cream for men to apply in a few simple steps:

  • Use the BallsBalm Bare Paw exfoliation cream and gently rub on the desired region. Rinse the area with lukewarm water and then pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply the Bare Balm in the same area. Spread it thoroughly on the skin using the Nutshell method.
  • After 10 minutes, check the area to see if the hair comes off easily; if not, let the Bare Balm sit on your skin for a few more minutes.
  • Wipe the area with a wet towel follow up by rinsing with lukewarm water.
  • After you have cleaned the area, gently dry it with a towel and apply the Bare calm balm.
  • Always make sure to test out your skin for any possible irritation or sensitiveness. Never use the cream on infected or hurt skin.

BallsBalm Hair Removal cream Key Features:

  • A comprehensive kit along with gloves and moisturizer
  • Removes the most stubborn coarse hair
  • Skin remain moist and soft
  • A delicious smell
  • effectiveness and safety is guaranteed
  • Buttery smooth texture of the hair removal cream makes the application much easier


BallsBalm - Hair Removal Cream

BallsBalm – Body Hair Removal Cream
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