Best Electric Razor For Black Males | Panasonic Arc5 vs. Braun 6075cc

Best electric razor for black males  Panasonic Arc5 vs. Braun 6075cc – Which One Is The Best?

Shaving comes with some unique challenges for black men due to their skin type and particularities of their facial hair. According to research, the biggest percentage of black males have ingrown hair.

You need to get one of the electric razors that we have mentioned since they can prevent you from a painful shaving experience and minimize the occurrence of razor bumps. You should find out how these models differ so that you can choose a suitable electric razor.  We will help you compare them to simplify your task. Read on!

The best electric razor for black males: Comparison Table


Panasonic Arc5

Braun 6075cc





5 nanotech blades made from stainless steel

Sensofoil blades

Unique Features

Shave sensor technology

4 in 1 smartcare center and sensoflex

Quick Charge 

Not Available

5 Minutes

Run Time

45 Minutes

3 Weeks


Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handle


Panasonic Arc5 vs Braun 6075cc  – How do they compare?

The best razor for black males

Run time

Before choosing an electric razor, you should consider how long it can run on a single charge.  Though these models are cordless, Braun has a better run time than Panasonic Arc5. When you charge the Braun electric razor fully, it can last up to 3 weeks. This model also offers a 5-minute quick charge that can help you achieve one full shave.

On the other hand, the Panasonic Arc5 has a run time of 45 minutes. Braun offers a quick charge option.


Though these three models are great razors for black males, they have more significant differences that you should be familiar with. The manufacturers that make these individual models use different mechanisms in their creation. Panasonic Arc5 is designed using shave sensor technology which allows it to adjust power based on the beard density.

Braun is also a well-made electric razor that features a 4 in 1 smart care center. This can clean, lubricate and charge with a single button. When it comes to mechanisms used, the two electric razors draw.


Panasonic Arc5 and Braun are both quality models. Most customers of the Braun and Panasonic Arc5 electric razors are impressed with their quality. These electric razors can last for a long time since they are made with durable materials.


You will also notice a slight difference in the blades of these electric razors. Braun comes with Sensofoil blades that facilitate low-pressure adaptation to give you a close shave, while Panasonic Arc5 has five ultra sharp blades.

Since the manufacturers of these electric razors put a lot of thought into the blades, these models tie in this category.

Panasonic Arc5 vs. Braun  Braun 6075cc – A comparison overview

Panasonic Arc5 Overview

If you have been looking for solid razors for black males, your search has come to an end. This electric razor is ideal for dry and wet shaving. Feel free to use it in the shower. You can use it to keep your beards, sideburns, or mustache tidy.  The razor comes with five Nanotech blades that are quite sharp to give you a refined shave. This can follow your facial contours around the neck, chin, or jaw.

It is equipped with a powerful linear motor that enables it to work fast. According to the manufacturer, this electric razor can offer up to 14,000 cuts per minute. It also has shaving monitors that allow it to adjust the cutting power based on the beard density.

The manufacturer of this electric razor uses active sensor technology in its creation. This model can easily adjust the motor speed to enhance comfort during shaving. It has a simple design that makes it user-friendly.

It can easily cut different hair lengths and types. The foils and blades of this electric razor are designed from hypoallergenic stainless steel, which makes it suitable even for sensitive skin. As you trim hair, the head of this razor moves back and forth or side to side. It comes with a pop-trimmer that you can use to trim your mustache or sideburns.

Panasonic Arc5 is among the best razors for black males since it can run for at least 45 minutes on a single charge. It is equipped with lithium batteries and contains an LED that allows you to monitor the status of the battery.

If you are traveling for a business trip, you can bring along this electric razor and work on your hair while on the go. This is a convenient model that has universal voltage. It also has a travel pouch and a travel safety lock. If you choose this electric razor, you should be prepared to pay a bit more for it since it is more expensive than other models.


  • It can give you a close shave without irritation
  • Ideal for both dry and wet shaving
  • It is travel-friendly
  • Includes a high-performance motor
  • The sensor allows it to adjust the power based on your beard density


  • It is a bit loud
  • It comes at a high cost

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Braun 6075cc Overview

The best electric razor for black males should deliver great skin comfort. That is what you can enjoy by choosing Braun electric razor. This comes with Sensofoil blades that remain comfortable while offering a close shave.

It is also designed with a sensoflex system which enables the tilting head to adapt to your skin and reduces pressure. Even black males with sensitive skin can use it. This electric razor makes use of a lithium-ion battery and offers a five-minute quick charge to help you achieve one full shave.

The battery can give you up to 3 weeks of shaving. This electric razor comes with a beard trimmer attachment that can help you try our different beard styles from time to time. It is among the best razors for males since this is a safe model that has been dermatologically tested.

Since this razor comes in an ergonomic design, handling it is easy. Its handle enables you to enjoy an effortless shave with one-way movement. Like the previous model, you can either use this electric razor dry or wet. Most black males like shaving in the shower for easy clean-up. You can use gel during wet shaving.

Braun is also designed with a 4 in 1 smart care center, which easily lubricates, cleans, and charges. If you have experience in using electric razors, you may enjoy using this model. Some new users, however, wish it came with clearer instructions.


  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • Can give you a close shave with enhanced skin comfort
  • It is waterproof
  • The electric razor is great for sensitive skin
  • The swiveling head minimizes skin pressure


  • Some customers complain about unclear instructions.

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Conclusion: Finding great razors for black males

Electric razors are not created equal. Though some of the electric shavers are known to cause irritation, investing in a good one can save you from such an experience. You should take your time to find a good one rather than picking the first one you come across online. Pay attention to the features that an electric razor comes with so that you can choose one that can meet your precise needs.

Verdict: So, which is better? Panasonic Arc5 or Braun 6075cc

After comparing these two models, we discovered that the best razor for shaving black man head is Braun. Though the panasonic model is also good, Braun electric razor stands out since it has a longer run time, includes a five minutes quick charge, and is easy and comfortable to use.

This electric razor can give you up to 3 weeks of shaving on a single charge. It is also a dermatologically tested electric razor that comes with a carry case. Though Panasonic Arc5 is also worth considering, it is loud and can only run for 45 minutes on a single charge.


Should I use oil on the Panasonic Arc5 electric razor?

Yes.  Though this electric razor does not come with a cleaning base, you have to maintain it well so that it can give you proper service. Using oil can help lubricate the blades so that they can stay sharp and last longer.

Should I replace the head of the Braun Electric razor?

The station of this electric razor is meant to clean it after each use. You should, however, replace the head every 9 or 18 months. You can get a replaceable one directly from the manufacturer.


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