Best Moisturizer for Black Men’s Face (2022 Review)

Best Moisturizer for Black Men’s Face – Top 4 Products Reviewed

Skincare is never a one-size-fits-all, and that is particularly true when discussing darker skin tone skincare products. Many black people, especially black men, lack enough information about the best products for their skin tones, and unfortunately, companies are now only realizing that they need to market specially formulated products for this untapped segment.

You may hear a common saying from dermatologists that ‘skin is skin’, because the assumption is that skin issues do not discriminate skin colors. While this is true, the same problem can show up differently in different people, and darker skinned people can be affected more often or the problems can appear differently.

Black men have unique needs when it comes to skincare, and their products need to be both affordably priced and simple. These products include moisturizers, which we will discuss in this review through examining four of the best face moisturizers for black men’s skin.

Top 4 Moisturizers for Black Men’s Face – Comparison Table

Moisturizer Details

Best For

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SheaMoisture Balancing Moisturizer for dry skin

Oily and combination skin

Chamuel Men’s Anti-Aging Particle Face Cream

Night time application

Palmers New Cocoa Butter Formula Men’s Lotion

Achieving youthful-looking skin

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Coconut water face moisturizer

Dry skin

Reviews of the Best Face Moisturizers for Black Men’s Face

1Sheamoisture Balancing Moisturizer and Black Soap for Dry Skin – Best for Combination and Oily Skin

Black soap is a centuries-old remedy for acne-prone skin and balancing oily skin, and the SheaMoisture balancing moisturizer brings the benefits of black soap without leaving your skin feeling irritated – a common problem with black soaps. However, it always helps to use it in moderation to achieve the best results, as using it too often will leave your skin dry.

As the product has a 3-in-1 formula, it works equally well as a cream, dry skin moisturizer, and face lotion, which will ensure your skin remains hydrated at all times while balancing combination and oily skin. The formula is free of parabens, making it lightweight. Instead of allergen ingredients, it relies on the benefits of ethically-sourced shea butter alongside moisture-rich oils like avocado and jojoba to work as a hand lotion.


  • Very effective skin moisturizer
  • It helps to soothe irritated skin
  • Reduces signs of aging by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deals with skin conditions, such as rosacea and eczema


  • The scent is quite strong
  • Small quantity, so may not work for regular long-term use

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2Chamuel Men’s Anti-Aging Particle Face Cream with 2.5% Retinol – Best for Night Time Application

This product is among the best face creams for black men on the market, as it is suited for night time application. Putting it on your skin allows it to work when you are asleep, and a resulting youthful glow when you wake up.

It is unique in its composition, as it is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, yet the ingredients remain potent and effective. It is also very useful for all skin types, which include sensitive, normal, oily, and dry skin.

It comes in an airless container, which ensures its 2.5% retinol composition remains stable throughout your use. Retinol serves to increase collagen production, which results in evenly toned and firm skin. Alongside amino acids, it is also effective in reducing the sagging or loosening of skin due to aging, smoothening out fine lines, and filling out wrinkles.

Additionally, the product contains 100% pure jojoba oil to increase its hydration properties, as well as soothing sensitive or irritated skin. The inclusion of raw shea butter will help to seal in the skin’s moisture, which reduces the signs of aging. It also has vitamin C thanks to orange oil, which will remove toxic elements from the skin and reduce the aging rate. You will feel comfortable using it, as it is 100% free of additives, and it purges the skin from impurities.


  • Is highly effective in making skin supple and soft
  • You only need to use a small amount for it to be effective
  • Visibly reduces aging signs like wrinkles


  • Inefficient pump packaging of the product

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3Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Men’s Body and Face Lotion – Best to Achieve Youthful-Looking Skin

The thought of using a lotion for your face may put many men off, because lotions are not ‘macho’ enough. However, Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion quickly dispels any presumptions you might have, and it is all thanks to its cocoa butter composition.

The fragrance is typical for cocoa butter products, but it is not overpowering. It absorbs very quickly into the skin, even when you use small amounts. As long as you can get past its pump bottle packaging, as well as the tricks you may need to employ to squeeze it out of the bottle when it is almost finished, you will find it as a valuable addition to your skin care routine.

The main ingredient, cocoa butter, is very high in fatty acid content, making it excellent for improving the elasticity of skin and nourishing it. The phytochemical content is quite high as well, which slows down the aging process by guarding the skin against UV damage, and the protective barrier the lotion forms will help in dealing with skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema.


  • Works effectively to soothe irritated skin
  • Nice fragrance from the cocoa butter base
  • Absorbs very quickly into the skin
  • The moisturizing effects last for a whole day after application


  • The fragrance may not work for men with sensitive skin

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4Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Water Face Moisturizer – Best for Dry Skin

Any skin care enthusiast is well-aware of Palmers, thanks to their products that emphasize on their healing properties. In particular, the Coconut oil formula moisturizer is a great choice if you frequently struggle with dry skin, thanks to the inherent moisturizing properties of coconut water.

It combines papaya enzymes and hyaluronic acid to boost its moisturizing and antioxidant abilities, which leads to a dewy, healthy complexion. The packaging is better and more durable than a plastic container – it comes in a glass jar, and a screw cap seals the packaging. The jar itself is transparent, which allows you to see how much product is left.

The texture itself is in form of a jelly-like substance, and the lightweight nature of the ingredients makes it easy to absorb into the skin quickly as soon as you apply it. If you like fragrances, it smells very nice – the fragrance is like a coconut toffee-like smell. However, the fragrance inclusion will make men with sensitive skin hesitant to use it, so it is not suitable for them.


  • Absorbs very quickly into the skin
  • Lightweight
  • Very effective in hydration
  • Water-based, so it works very well on all skin types
  • Can work as a lip mask as well


  • The packaging is not travel-friendly

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Why Is Skincare Important for Black Men?

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Men have slightly different skin care requirements compared to women, as their skin has larger pores and is thicker, which causes their skin to look oilier or drier and rougher than women’s. As men age, the issues they have only increase, and men are increasingly turning to skin care products to hide these imperfections.

As you age, your skin loses collagen that plays an essential role in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Getting into a skincare, especially moisturizing routine, will help you reduce the rate of collagen decline. However, this will require consistent efforts from your end, but you will be rewarded with youthful skin as you grow older.

Additionally, there are unique challenges black men, and black people in general, face when taking care of their skin. These issues include:

  • Pigmentation changes that cause specific areas of discoloration
  • Acne issues, which include blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads
  • Eczema, which causes cracked, dry, and itchy skin
  • Contact dermatitis, which happens when allergens or irritants contact the skin
  • Seborrheic dermatitis, which occurs as scaly patches on the face and skin

Additionally, people with darker skin tones suffer more in cold weather, as the skin is more prone to losing moisture from its upper layers. This makes moisturizers very important, as well as developing a skincare routine at all times.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Face Moisturizers for Black Men

Hair Moisturizer For Men

Skin type

Not all skincare products are created equal – some will work better for some people compared to others, and it all comes down to your skin type. Therefore, maximizing the best results means that you must know your skin type, which is in four types:

  • Oily: This skin type is prone to acne breakouts and greasy skin, as it produces a lot of sebum. If the skin is prone to excess sebum, the key to moisturizing starts with cleansing the face first, then applying a formulated moisturizer that prevents excessive sebum production.
  • Dry: This skin is prone to flakiness and peeling, and it frequently feels tight. Dry skin is common on the face and regularly develops into sensitive skin, so it needs a more aggressive moisturizing approach that locks in the moisture on the skin.
  • Normal/Combination: This is not particularly sensitive, dry, or oily, so you can use many products on it. It is also accepting of a wider range of products that are not too moisture-heavy or too light.
  • Sensitive: This tends to suffer from dryness and itchiness, and also frequently experiences irritation from harsh products, sun exposure, and skin care ingredients. Therefore, you will require moisturizers with 100% natural/organic ingredients to prevent reactions from unnecessary additives.

Ingredient list

The ingredients in the moisturizers you choose will impact the state of your skin greatly. Therefore, it is important to select moisturizers that are from well-known companies, as they will pay greater attention to what goes into their products.

Additionally, check to see if there are ingredients like lanolin, petrolatum, or glycerin. Since men’s skin is prone to inflammation issues, the ingredients should include soothing ingredients such as aloe and oatmeal. It also helps if the moisturizer has anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin C, which help the skin to rebuild collagen and elastin and make the skin supple.

To protect against flaking and dull skin, ensure the moisturizer includes powerful antioxidants such as Co-enzyme 10 and vitamin E, as they protect the skin against radicals.

Sun protection

Do not let the fact that you have higher melanin fool you into thinking you do not require sun protection – there are various UV rays, with some being more damaging compared to others. Black skin also suffers from hyperpigmentation, which occurs due to UV damage.

Therefore, ensure the moisturizers you pick have ingredients with high SPF ratings. These will add a protective layer on the skin and reduce the rate of aging, similar to good anti-wrinkle creams.

Anti-aging properties

When going to bed, your skin still needs plenty of care and renewal, and your moisturizer can help achieve this while allowing you to wake up with good-looking and hydrated skin. When selecting a night time moisturizer, go for those with anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin A (retinol), peptides, glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxyl.

These ingredients will also help the skin around your eyes, which is particularly vulnerable to aging and sagging, and keep it looking perky for a longer time.


How often should I use moisturizer on my skin?

You can make it a part of daily grooming, although the recommendation is applying it once a day.

Can I sleep with moisturizer on my skin?

Yes, you can, but ensure you cleanse your face before applying night moisturizer. Additionally, use a moisturizer formulated for night use, as it will contain more anti-aging ingredients that hydrate the skin as you sleep.


Black men require unique skin care products, which may differ from other ethnicities – therefore, not all moisturizers on the market will be good enough. Due to the higher levels of melanin in their skin, as well as other factors such as skin type and climate they live in, different products will work for different individuals. We hope that the products we have discussed in this review will give you a place to start when looking for the best face moisturizer for black men that fits your needs.

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