Braun 9095 Review – Updated For 2022

Braun series 9 9095cc – What you should know

braun 9095Braun 9095 electric shaver has a smart SyncroSonic technology that delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.

This ensures a thorough and smooth shaving while maintaining a fantastic skin comfort. It beautifully shaves 3 day long beards without leaving any trace. Made in Germany, not only this shaver has a user-friendly design, but also it is equally efficient.

Advanced technology for smooth shaving:

Braun 9095, with its smart SyncroSonic technology, provides 40,000 cross-cutting actions and easily captures different hair types.

It will quickly achieve both short and long hair. The four different shaving modes ensure more prolific actions of the blades.

Due to the HyperLift quality of the blades, the flattened hair gets cut effortlessly. The trimmer is very precise; as a result, it can shape your moustache or your beard.

The Advanced OptifoilTM has super closeness, which cuts the hair all around the foil. The super flexible rotating head quite appropriately reads your face and effortlessly moves up and down, side to side, to cut the hair of any area. You can lock the head of this shaver in five different angles to get an exact, precise shave.


Elegant and user-friendly design:

The design is user-friendly and easy to handle. The dark grey color also adds a classy feeling. Braun 9095 comes with a precision trimmer that assures an exact shaving of your moustache and sideburn.

The clean and charge station of Braun 9095 has fivefold activities-chooses a cleaning program, cleans, charges dry with an in-built fan, lubricates the blades, and inner parts. It cleanses with a special fluid that helps to maintain hygiene by sterilizing the blades from bacteria.

On the handle, you can see the LED battery life display, through which you can see the amount of battery and charge runtime. It only takes 60 minutes to be fully charged. When you are in a hurry, charge it just for five minutes, and it is ready to give you one full shave.

It also has both a hygiene and travel lock indicator. Braun 9095 is 100% waterproof; you can use it both dry and wet. You can even keep it under running water or use it under the shower.

Braun 9095 Key Points to Consider

  • Advanced SyncroSonic technology.
  • Effective clean and charging system.
  • Waterproof.

Some Downsides To Consider

  • Slightly Expensive.
  • Cleaning cartridges are costly.
  • The replacement shaving head is not readily available.

Braun 9095 electric shavers are considered to be serious competition. This shaver also has several benefits over other brands. Most of the users prefer this type of shaver for its reliability and speed.

Users can rely on battery-based technology, which allows them to use this shaver even in the case of a power outage or short circuit.

The user does not have to go through any complicated adjustment process because it is straightforward to operate this shaver. It will only take a few seconds to switch on, and then you can get a precise shave of your stubble.

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Braun series 9 Problems

Braun facial shavers have launched another series that has already gained popularity among users. It provides you a soft silky skin after every use; without any cuts or rashes. Likewise, after cleaning, it gives you an effect of shaving with a new device.

However, customers have registered some shortcomings of this series.

The following are the Braun series 9 problems.

Incompatibility of Clean and Charge Stations With the Previous Models

One of the significant Braun series 9 problems clients filed is that series 9’s clean and charge station cannot be used with other products. Though using the same clean and charge station may be taken as a cost-cutter and feasible device for many, however, it is a blessing in disguise.

The clean and charge station is fully specialized for its series 9 only. So, it increases durability and maintains hygiene. You may keep it to your use only and would not be able to share it with others.

Braun series 9 – a noisy facial shaver

Comparing to the other devices of the same category, this series is known as a noisy shaver. Whenever it comes in contact with skin, it causes vibration. As for shaving hair, you hold your Braun harder against your face; it creates more noise. The machine-like sound seems to be similar to any local facial shaver and trimmer. It isn’t perfect for users who like to shave in silence.

Much slower in picking up longer hairs

According to many users, this series is not compatible with shaving long hair. It is harder to pluck the hair, which has been grown for 3 or more days. For them, it just proves more like a trimmer. Also, it takes a bit of effort to run the device against the face. People with sensitive skin also get rashes in this process. However, when used daily, it does an exceptional job.

It lets the razor head remain moist.

Braun series does not dry the razor head properly. Even if you dry it for a longer time and then keep it under a less humid environment, it would remain a bit moist. As a result, it may get rusty soon.

Comparing to Panasonic, It does not even come with an inbuilt drying system that allows cleaning under tap- water.

Not a perfect upgrade for its predecessors

Clients had high expectations with this series. Most of the users have switched to this from their previous devices. However, this series has not surpassed its competitors. This series has a stand out outlook among all its contemporaries. It comes specialized clean and charge station, and it has not upgraded much in the fields of performance and battery life. It feels a bit hot after 10 minutes of usage. Only, it has a style, a bit varied to the previous ones.


Customers do not have complaints regarding performance and battery life. It also comes with an affordable price, so you may not regret using it.

Braun series 9 problems may be overlooked for some time until a better version of the series is launched.

Braun 9095 vs. Braun 9290

Braun has revolutionized the consumer market by bringing in a great variety of electronic shavers. When it comes to safety and hygiene, you must choose the right product for your needs – the Braun 9095 or the Braun 9290 electric shaver. Here are a few things that you should consider when deciding which electric shaver you should purchase.

Braun 9095:

Braun 9095 has four different cutting elements, each of which performs various tasks. The advanced SyncroSonic technology performs 40,000 cross-cutting actions to give flawless shaving by capturing both small and long hair. Its trimmer is also very precise, which can beautifully shape your moustache or sideburn. The HyperLift trimmer addresses the problem of cutting flattened hair. The advanced Optifoil captures hair all around the foil to ensure a more clean shaving. Braun 9095 is very comfortable, shaving a three-day-long beard.


Advanced sonic technology.
Cleaning and charging station.


The removable shaving head is not readily available.

Braun 9290:

The shaving head comprises four cutting elements- two Optifoils, a HyperLift& cut trimmer, a direct & cut trimmer. The hexagon-shaped Optifoils ensures a smooth capturing of hair around the foil. While the golden-colored HyperLift & cut trimmer cut the flattened hair, the Direct & Cut trimmer effortlessly glides all over the area, cutting different hair types.

Braun 9290 comes with a 10 directional rotating shaving head which can move effortlessly up and down and side to side. It also combines Micromotion and Macro motion for more excellent coverage of the facial area.


Gives a close shave.
It can be easily used on longer hair.
Appropriate for sensitive skin.


Cleaning cartridges do not last long.
The body is of plastic.

Which one should I choose?

As both the shavers come under series 9, they have many similar features. Both have advanced SycroSonic technology, HyperLift trimmer, and Optifoils. Hence they both do a good job. But if you have sensitive skin, Braun 9290 can be the right choice for you.

Braun 9095 cleaning and charging station does multiple jobs. Press one button, automatically it will choose the cleaning mode, start to clean, dry the shaving head with the help of an in-built fan, lubricate the blades by sterilizing it from bacteria, and lastly it will also charge the whole system.

It takes one hour to be charged. But during a hurry, you can charge it for five minutes, and it can quickly provide one shave. While comparing battery performance, you can go for Braun 9095.

However, there are some highlighted features of Braun 9290.

  • Braun 9290 is waterproof. You can use it both dry and wet. You can also keep it under running for washing purposes.
  • With pressing one switch, it automatically dries, cleans and lubricates the shaving head.
  • The AutoSense technology maps your beard and adjusts the power accordingly. Providing 40,000 cross-cutting actions, the advanced SycroSonic Technology guarantees a more effective and flexible shaving.

In Conclusion

Braun Series 9 is relatively modern than its other series. One can select an electric shaver which best suits his skin. Braun 9290 has proven as good choice for a clean shave. Braun 9095 is a good beard trimmer.

Braun 9095 vs. Braun 9295

Braun regularly updates its inventory with new products according to the demand and choice of its users.

Generally, Razors and shavers are mostly used by clients. These days, two products naming Braun 9095 and Braun 9295 are top of the list in terms of appraisal, performance, and quality. It has become a bit difficult to choose between the two. So, have a look at the features and comparing details.

Braun 9095

As previously mentioned above Braun 9095 is a remarkable device in the list of electric shavers. Being a flexible shaver, it can be used for a wet and dry shave. Indeed, it has been designed according to modern techniques. It comes with further accessories just for around £304 only.

Knowing the pros and cons of any product keeps analytical power strong for better selection.

So, the following are its pros and cons.


Paired with ultrasonic technology
Replaceable batteries
Contains 2x opti foil
Based on Tetra- flexible trimmers


Slightly higher price tag than the contemporaries

Braun 9295

It is a razor for a perfect shave. It comes with a face adjustment feature. Also, It is entirely washable and skin-friendly.

Have a glance at its pros and cons.


Built-in shaving intelligence.
A clean look is achieved
Germs protected device

Only 50 minutes of battery life
Too heavy for an ideal razor

Which Braun is a better option?

Firstly, Braun 9095 is an electric shaver that has rotating blades for an even shave. It is based upon a new technology which is safer than the latter. It has launched the Ultrasonic feature, which improves the quality of the shave and keeps skin smooth than never before. Its specialized trimmer combs the facial hair and then gently trims them down. It offers 40000 rotations per minute, higher than the Braun 9295, a razor of 13 haircuts per second only.

Using Braun 9095 keeps you trouble-free as it guarantees no cut, no rash. Likewise, s clean and charge station maintains the hygienic standards.

However, Braun 9295 is a razor with a single blade for a straight shave. Although it gives you a better shave, you need to stay careful while using it. Any ignorance can give you a facial cut. Also, you would find it difficult to churn the hair around chin and upper lips. Likewise, its weight makes it very troublesome if one is a slow shaver. It comes in a simple black color with no LED. However, the former has a compact yet stylish design with a LED fitted. So, the user can focus even on the small hair in low light.

Likewise, its’ battery time is much lower than the former. After regular use, its battery drains faster than usual. However, Braun 9095 comes with replaceable batteries. In other words, it is more users friendly.

Both products have been trusted and appreciated by several users. The only difference present is of priority. Braun 9095 is a choice for trimming and shaving lovers while others can select Braun 9295 for themselves.

Braun Series 9 9390cc Review – The Newest Alternative to Braun 9095

Braun series has been a renowned brand in the world of shavers and trimmers for men. Previously, It has launched Braun 9095, which was appreciated by the masses. However, The Company has now launched the Best alternative to Braun 9095. It has a better sleek design, advanced Led, 20% more battery life, and much more than the former. This is the 9390 cc electric shaver, which has gained the most efficient shaver in the Braun series to date.

Product details

This newest Braun shaver has been made up in Germany. It is designed for a flawless shave just in minutes. Its premium quality trimmers are suitable for every skin type. They smoothly glide over your face and efficiently trim your hair even under your nose. It has been using ultrasonic technology that does not harm your skin. As a result, it is proved as soft as a silk tool. It would not cause any skin irritation or redness as well.

Also, it is compatible with all shaving routines. So, it is best for those who used it in front of a dresser or those who love shaving with foam or facial gels. In other words, It is water-proof.

It comes with 5 pieces, essential for your shave. It arrives with a silver leather case and shaver foils. It has a 2-pin plug as well. Lastly, you would get a fully automated clean and charge station to take care of your device.

What makes it best of all?

Its flawless shave with one stroke technology makes it best among all.

For this, it has a flexible head, so that it can move along your facial cuts. It gets close to the skin so that minute hairs could be plucked out. Its sonic vibrations keep the cells of your skin alive and healthy. Likewise, it has an advanced LED with a performance tracker installed for a better shave.

The second quality is its durability. It has been promised to last long for seven years. For this, this clean and charge station plays an active part. It has an alcohol-based lubricant that keeps your device germs and rust-free. Also, its Li-on battery increases its useful life to 20%. In other words, you can shave for a month after a charge.

Knowing the perks and flaws of the product lets you decide whether to buy it or not. Also, you get an overview of the product in a nutshell.

Key Features

  • Suitable for a dry and wet shave
  • Gets closer to 0.055 mm of skin
  • Advanced Battery
  • Provides up to 40000 cuttings per minute
  • Flexible for more than 10 directions

In Conclusion

Its features and durability are the latest Braun upgrade in the Braun industry. It has been tested before the launch. Therefore, it worth its price and a mark of satisfaction for everybody.



10 Total Score

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