Facial Toner For Men | A Comparison Review Of The Top 3 Products

Top 3 facial toner for men

Would you like to appear more attractive and control your appearance? If yes, you should consider applying a facial toner for men.

This is a valuable product that many men are using today to achieve flawless skin. It can help improve your skin since it regulates oil production and balances the pH level. Using a facial toner can improve the tone and overall look of your skin.

Once you start searching for a facial toner, you will come across lots of products in the market. Choosing the right one can be challenging. That is where we come in. We will help you figure out the top 3 facial toners that are in high demand among men. Let’s get started.

Top 3 facial toner for men- Comparison table


Best For

Brickell Men's Balancing Toner

Best for all skin types

Face Toner by Natural Outcome Skincare

Best for maintaining a youthful appearance

Proactiv Hydrating Facial Toner 

Best for different ages

Reviews of the top facial toner for men

Brickell Men’s Balancing Toner– Best for all skin types

facial toner for men

This is a good skin refresher that you can use even on acne-prone skin. Brickell balancing toner is an alcohol-free facial toner that is made up of effective ingredients. This combines healing, anti-inflammation, and anti-septic components that make it safe to use.

It contains cucumber distillate which can minimize skin irritation, and witch hazel which reduces oil buildup on the surface. The peppermint in this facial toner can help soothe the skin, while aloe vera enables it to hydrate the skin cells.

The facial toner can get rid of excess oil on the skin and unclog it. It not only eliminates impurities on the skin but also reduces pores.  Feel free to use this facial toner in the morning as part of your skincare routine and once during the day to minimize shine and prevent your skin from appearing dull. You can apply the facial toner after using a face moisturizer.


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Great smell
  • Easy to use


  • According to some customers, it is not completely oil-free

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Face Toner by Natural Outcome Skincare

best facial toner for men

Keep your skin balanced by using this facial toner for men. This is a great facial toner that can protect your skin from environmental toxins. Using it can also prevent grime or dirt from penetrating your skin pores. If you often experience acne breakouts, you can manage them with the help of Natural outcome face toner.

One of the reasons why the facial toner works well is its ingredients. It contains useful components such as witch hazel that can minimize the appearance of pores and aloe vera that restore the natural moisture and prevent you from anti-aging. The facial toner is also made up of cucumber and lemon extracts.

It also includes purifying herbal remedies like mint, which can prevent your skin from appearing red. You can use this facial toner every day to keep your skin looking refreshed. Use a cotton pad to apply this facial toner. The manufacturer of this facial toner also offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days so that you can test it.


  • Can minimize large pores on your skin
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Nice smell


  • It tends to lather when you apply a large amount to your face

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Proactiv Hydrating Facial Toner– Best for different ages

mens facial toner reviews

If your skin is slightly sensitive, you are probably very cautious about the products that you apply. This facial toner for men is safe. The refreshing toner can help get rid of dead cells on the skin and reveal the vibrant skin below these skin cells.  It can even soothe any irritation on your skin.

This is a botanical-rich facial toner that does not contain any alcohol. This facial toner’s extracts include aloe, witch hazel, and vitamin B complex. You can apply this facial toner on clean skin with a cotton pad in the morning and evening. Give it time to dry. If you go out, do not forget to use sunscreen.


  • Ideal for all ages
  • It can even out your skin tone
  • Easy to apply


  • It is expensive

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How to find the right facial toner for men

A good facial toner should offer an additional layer of cleaning once you wash your face. It gets rid of any excess dirt on the surface and minimizes large pores on the skin.  For you to find the right facial toner, you should pay attention to the following.


The components used in a facial toner can determine its effects on your skin. Pay attention to the ingredients that a facial toner includes before paying for one. Go for one that is made up of natural ingredients such as witch hazel, cucumber extract, and tea tree oil, and avoid one with alcohol since this is harsh on the skin.

Your skin type

Go for a toner that blends with your skin type to avoid any negative experiences using it. If, for instance, you have dry skin, choose one that includes a moisturizer in its formula. Men with sensitive skin should choose a facial toner with soothing compounds. If you have oily skin, you should use a toner that contains oil-fighting components.


The fragrance of facial toners tends to vary. While some have citrus-based scents, others smell more masculine. You should choose one that has an appealing or no smell so that you don’t struggle to use it.


If you prefer using a facial toner every day, you should consider this. Choose a bottle with adequate facial toner that can last for long so that you don’t have to keep spending more cash to buy it.


When should I apply a facial toner?

You can use it in the morning and at least once in the evening.

Can I use a facial toner alongside other products?

Yes. You can use a moisturizer after applying a facial toner, especially if you have dry skin.

Can i use a facial toner after shaving?

Yes, you can providing it does not irritate your skin. We recommend using an alcohol free toner. The products in this article use only natural ingredients which will not irritate skin  after shaving.


Now that you know the top facial toner for men, why don’t you go ahead and choose your favorite one? Consider the factors we have discussed above before making

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