The Best Method For Groin Hair Removal – Shaving Vs Hair Removal Cream

Shaving Vs Hair Removal Cream – Which is the Best Method For Groin Hair Removal?

groin hair removal

Groin hair removal has always caused controversies and discussions in the Men’s grooming industry. Some people are up for it, while others are against it. The truth is hair removal is a personal preference. It is up to you whether or not you want hair on certain parts of the body. Some people do it for sexual reasons, as they feel more attractive. Some others do it for their hygiene or to prevent odors from sweat.

No matter what the reason is, there are no doubts that hair removal has been a thing for thousands of years – regardless of the culture, location, gender or age. Whether it is just about trimming and leaving a bit of hair or removing everything, different people have different tastes. On the same note, there are just as many choices out there.

Now, what is the best option to get rid of unwanted hair? There are more choices out there. Some people love shaving, while others would rather stick to hair removal creams. Some people go for laser removal, which is said to be permanent. Whether it comes to your budget or your personal preferences, here is everything you need to know about the most common choices out there.

What makes hair removal creams so popular for groin hair removal

Hair removal creams represent a common choice for lots of people. When learning how to remove hair from the groin, the cream is one of the top choices, and for some good reasons. For example, more and more people ditch razors because of the irritation associated with them. However, you can prevent such problems with a bit of care and maintenance.

Now, pretty much everyone knows it – including those who shave. Shaving will cause the hair to grow back faster, thicker and coarser. Where is the catch? If you think your shaving cream is enriched with hair growing substances, you are not alone. The truth is not in the cream, but in the actual shaving movement itself.

When you shave, you do not remove your hair. You trim it. You shorten it. Even if the area seems smooth and clean, a close look will show you that there is still hair out there. Moreover, when you run the razor on the groin, you do it at an angle, so the hair will grow thicker at the respective angle.

If you have tried both options before, you probably know already that hair removal creams leave the skin smoother. Besides, you can forget about that irritation and itchy sensations that make you feel like there is a cactus in your underwear. Hair will still grow back, but it will do it at a slower rate – hence the popularity of creams.

Creams are also accessible and easy to find pretty much everywhere. They are not expensive and they are painless. However, those with sensitive skin may experience a bit of discomfort, but it is lighter compared to the irritation associated with shaving. Since they are light, they can penetrate the skin and go under it to remove hair.

Forget about stubble problems for about a week. Shaving will most likely need to be done more often because stubble issues will pop up after a day or two. The use and application are not to be overlooked either. Get some cream on the groin, leave it for a few minutes to get under the skin, and wash away. But then, make sure you use it correctly or it may leave patches.

What makes shaving so popular for groin hair removal

Shaving is the most common groin hair removal out there and for some good reasons. Most importantly, you will not spend too much on cream – which will last for weeks. Razors will not cost you a fortune either. The job leaves painless results – however, you have to be careful. Going over an uneven surface without being careful may lead to painful cuts.

To shave, you need a few minutes. Spread the cream, foam, or gel over the area, leave it for a minute and start shaving. You only need the cream and a razor. You can get the job done within a few minutes only, so this option is common for those who do not have too much time on their hands. It is also handy before an unexpected date.

While shaving is associated with stubble problems after a few days, there are certain things you can do to prevent such issues. For example, you need to shave after you take a shower. Do it in the later part of the shower. This way, your skin, and hair will be under hot water for longer, so everything is softer than normal.

Now, some people shave against the hair growth, while others do it in the same direction. Doing it in the same direction is less painful or problematic, but it will not be that effective. To get as close as possible to the skin, you will have to go against the hair growth. Look at the hair and observe which way it is growing before starting the procedure.

Finally, you need some lotion to reduce potential irritation. Such lotions come in more varieties. Your skin is sensitive after shaving, so alcohol will give you stinging sensations for a few minutes – perhaps redness as well. Therefore, it might be better to get an alcohol-free lotion. You will get a smooth and clear finish.

Apart from a bit of hydration and a good lotion, there is not much you can do to prevent irritations. Look after yourself and they will never bother you. Also, you have to take it slowly, even if you are under time pressure. Rushing will cause irritations and bumps. Furthermore, make sure you replace the razor regularly – a dull blade will cause nothing but problems.

Why hair removal creams are not perfect

Hair removal creams are said to be more effective than shaving because the smooth feel is kept for longer. If this is your goal, go for a hair removal cream – especially if you have the time to do it right. But then, these creams are not perfect either and they also come with a few downsides that you should know about.

The cream is great if you have coarse and dark hair. Besides, it is also a great choice if you have fast-growing hair. But then, these creams have a bad reputation regarding the sensitivity they come up with. Sure, your skin will be sensitive after shaving as well, but the long-term sensitivity associated with creams could be more harmful.

The side effects associated with sensitive skin include burns, irritation, and redness. They are no longer lasting though and they will go away after a day or two. However, if you have a hot date and you want everything to be perfect, nothing is more annoying for a partner than looking at red bumps or redness over your skin.

How do you know whether or not a hair removal cream is good for you? Simple – do whatever you do with other topical products you may use. Simply try out a small patch first. Put a bit of cream on a less sensitive area and notice the results. Try it on a small patch on your leg or arm, for example. Give potential reactions 24 hours. If nothing happens, go ahead and use it on the groin.

Why shaving is not perfect for Groin Hair Removal

Learning to remove groin hair will give you a few good options and while they can bring in good results, the truth is none of them is perfect. Shaving is the most popular way to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and efficiently, but the final result will not be perfect. Luckily, there are ways to improve it and add to the efficiency of this grooming operation.

When you shave, the razor will slide over the top surface of your skin. Assuming the razor is sharp, the hair from the surface will be cleared out. However, since the razor cannot get under the skin, the strand and root will not be affected whatsoever – no matter how hard you try. Within days only, the root will push a new strand to the skin surface. This is what creates the stubble.

Hair regrowth varies from one person to another. Some people could go for three or four weeks without stubble, while others will face these issues by the next day. At this point, there is not much you can do. Your hair regrowing speed depends on genetics, which you cannot control. Now, how about some myths about shaving?

It is said that after you shave, the hair will grow back thicker – faster as well. This is only a myth. The hair thickness has nothing to do with your shaving activities. But then, it will appear thicker for an obvious reason. For the blade to comfortably slide on the surface of the skin, you will need to cut hair at a blunt angle. As it grows up, it will, indeed, look thicker, even if it is not. It is only a visual effect.

With these thoughts in mind, groin hair removal by shaving is a great option for those with lightly colored hair. It is also a good choice for those with thin and fine hair. If the hair regrowth is slow, shaving is the way to go. But then, if you shave in the morning and you end up with stubble by the time you go to sleep, a hair removal cream might be the better option.

Groin Hair Removal – Myths and misconceptions 

Confused about removing hair from your groin? There are, indeed, a few good options. Each of them will provide a good immediate result, but you need to pay attention to their pluses and minuses as well. You need to ensure you pick the best choice based on your needs, type of hair, growing speed, and available time. All in all, here are a few myths you should be aware of.

  • Shaving is the most effective method. It is, indeed, the fastest choice, but the hair will return after a day or two, so effectiveness is not a thing.
  • Hair removal creams cannot go on the groin. They can, just make sure you do not reach the intimate areas.
  • Exfoliation adds to the effect. It does, indeed – you should do it the day before you plan to remove hair.
  • The more often you get rid of hair, the thicker it will grow. This is only a myth, so there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • People with sensitive skin should not use hair removal creams. While these creams are known for causing sensitivity, make sure you try them on small patches before applying them all over.
  • Hair takes the same time to regrow. Wrong. Since hair removal creams go under the skin, the hair will take longer to regrow – you may have up to a week of smoothness.
  • Razors and hair removal creams act in the same manner. No, they do not. With a cream, the hair is removed from below the surface. When it regrows, it will also have rounded tips, which means it feels softer.

Our Conclusion on the Best Groin Hair Removal Method

As a short conclusion, groin hair removal will give you some headache when not sure what to use. You can try both options and figure out yourself which one is more efficient. But on the same note, you can also do your homework and start with the right decision.

What works for some people will not work for everyone else. Knowing the pluses and minuses of razors and hair removal creams will push you in the right direction. Do you want effectiveness or convenience? How fast does your hair grow? What type of hair do you have? How about the skin? Answer these questions and you will know precisely what is more suitable for you.

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