How To Look Handsome And Be Attractive (Overview Guide)

Beauty is subjective. So, it is not easy to specifically list out the physical qualities that make a man attractive. What one person finds appealing will be a turn-off for another. Plus, the sexuality of a person can also determine the factors that make a man appealing to the eyes.

Although there are no fixed rules, some qualities often pass the test. For instance, a good sense of humor makes a man more desirable among women and men.

So, here are some ‘tried and tested’ factors that can sculpt any man into an object of attraction. The article will also reveal how you can appear and be the man you want to be.

#1 Healthy Lifestyle

Good hygiene

Being hygiene is probably one of the best qualities a man can possess. Often, men have a low maintenance attitude. And this notion has led many men to be less hygienic.

Body odor

The deodorant advertisements may have exaggerated it a little bit, but there is no lie in the fact that a man with a good scent can lure admirers.

So, shower regularly and wear clean clothes. And add odor to your body using sprays.


Here, cleanliness doesn’t pertain only to keeping the body clean. It also includes how the man is conscious of his surroundings. And what he is doing to keep his room, house, block, and the world clean and thriving.

For instance, women are less likely to be attracted to men who don’t keep their rooms tidy or throw plastic bottles on the road.

Nutritious diet

A healthy diet keeps you fit. But are you aware that it can also amplify your ranking? Yes, most women prefer dating a guy that understands the necessity for eating healthy. So, minimize your junk food intake and consider planning your meals.

how to look attractive

#2  Character and Social Factors


Imagine a person who is rude to the waiter for unnecessary reasons. Can you ever find that person attractive? No. Because that behavior is a foreshadowing of how they will treat you.

Therefore, time and time again, it is said that kindness is the most attractive feature of a person.


Confidence is one of the best suits a man can ever wear. It portrays masculinity, power, and control. People will be drawn to you, and they will want to rest in your shadow as they trust you.


People will begin to value you when you are responsible for small and big things. Whether it is your boss or your girlfriend, they will notice your responsible behavior as a sign that you do not take your work and relationship lightly. They see your sincerity and effort, which will help you find favor in them.


As a man, if you cultivate the habit of genuinely listening to the people around you, you are bound to get others’ attention as well.

No addictions

Although many films romanticize drug or alcohol addictions, it is never usually the case in reality. For a long and healthy relationship, most women tend to avoid men with addiction problems.

Good with animals

Most people are attracted to men who are good not only with humans but also with animals. Take a walk in the park, and you will notice how most women approach only men who have dogs.

How To Look Handsome And Be Attractive

#3 Emotional Factors

Emotionally expressive

When a man expresses his emotions, it allows the woman to understand him more. It is a sign that you will also validate your partner’s emotions. And this particular emotional trait is highly favored by the opposite sex.

Because of the influence of media and society, men often have stunted emotional growth. It becomes difficult for them to show emotions on their face. And it usually has a toll on their health and personality. So, when women spot an expressive man, it is like spotting a rare and beautiful thing. They become easily attracted to the man, both emotionally and physically.

Therefore, next time you’re trying to impress somebody, don’t be afraid to show your emotions.

Emotional intelligence

It is a wide belief that women are highly emotional. They have mood swings and emotions that are hard for men to read. So, when you can comprehend the reason for your woman’s feelings as a man, you are being emotionally intelligent. And it is a trait that keeps women attracted to a man for a long time.

Emotionally confident

Here, being confident doesn’t mean being prideful about one’s emotions. Instead, it attributes to a man’s ability to acknowledge, communicate, and handle their emotions. They are not afraid to admit when they are weak.

Therefore, taking charge of your emotions is one way to appear genuine and handsome.

How To Be Attractive

#4  Psychological Factors

Sense of humor

A 2015 research shows that women find men with a sense of humor more attractive. So, brush up on your skills and bring humor to the table.

Intellectually stimulating

The dry conversation is the biggest turn-off for all genders. As humans, we tend to admire people who can stimulate our minds. Now, being intellectual doesn’t mean being able to achieve academic excellence. You could be analyzing a movie with an open end, which counts as an intellectual conversation.

This is a reason why we enjoy the company of inspirational speakers. They have a way of keeping our minds thinking.

Hobbies and mental exercises

Whether reading a book or building a miniature house, having a hobby is exceptionally striking, and it keeps the partner interested. So, next time you are on a date, you can talk to them about your hobbies and how you exercise your brain.

But be careful not to overdo it by only talking about your hobby. Give room for others to talk about themselves as well.

Dry Skin Under Beard

#5 Physiological Factors 

Fit body

There is no doubt that a man who has a fit body grabs more attention from women than otherwise. It is primal to our nature to be attracted to someone fit as it translates to being strong. Humans see a fit body as attractive because it is achieved through work, discipline, and determination. And of course, these are some traits that can make anyone look appealing.

Women love to be protected and cared for by their men (whether they’re willing to admit it out loud or not). Naturally, if you are not fit, they will not see you as someone who can physically protect them. Our civilization has come a long way from the caves, but the very nature of survival still lives in our genes. So, it is not hard to see why a fit body can make you look more attractive from the first impression itself.

You don’t have to look buff with huge biceps necessarily. Studies have shown that lean, strong, and muscular men tend to be more attractive to women. Simply put, eat healthily and be fit. Don’t overdo it with medicinal drugs, yes, even if it is legal.

Quick reflex

What is not to like a man who’s quick with his reflexes? Yes, this trait might be something unusual but give it a thought. If you are not someone that can throw off an incoming ball at a girl (who’s a damsel in distress here), then probably there are no high chances of her (or other women) noticing you. But, let’s say you were quick like lightning to catch the ball right before injuring her. I’ll bet you’d be having a dinner date soon.

A man with quick reflexes is not only for throwing off balls away but also shows that you’re strong and capable. It aligns men with quick thinking and intelligence. And trust me, there’s nothing more attractive to women than a man who can be a superhero for her.

Low voice

As Meghan Trainor said, “It’s all about that bass.” Yep, women are most likely to be more attracted to men who have deep, soothing voices. There is always something manly about a low deep voice. It is calming, assuring and confident to women especially. Ah, but you cannot do anything about a voice. I mean, you have to be born with it.

However, you can practice how to make your speech soothing to listen to. There are vocal and speech exercises to achieve it.

Facial hair

For men to be attractive through facial hair is a ‘hairy’ business. The most important thing here is to find out where it is attractive and then how to style it. Some men look more attractive with a full-grown beard and another with just stubble. Researchers have shown that women find men more attractive when the facial hair is styled appropriately to their face structure.

So, it is not just a random growth of hair on your face. You need to know what style of facial hair suits your face. Maintaining your facial hair is also equally important as well. Women tend to find men unattractive if they appear to be shabby and unhygienic. And nope, you don’t want that to be your exit.

#6 Bonus Skill

Everyone (not just women) is easily attracted to a man who knows how to cook good food.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is a quote that applies to women as well.

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