How To Shave Men’s Legs | Using The Remington PG6255 Body Groomer

How to shave men’s legs using Remington lithium power body groomer

Start by preparing for the shave, and then trim your legs. Take a shower, exfoliate, and then start shaving. You can then take a second shower and lather your legs. Shave slowly as you focus on each part at a time, then rinse off. You can now dry your legs with a clean towel then apply a post-shave conditioner on the skin. This is how to shave men’s legs.

Shaving legs is not only common among women but also men.  Doing this can help your legs look neater and streamline your body. It can also leave them feeling super smooth and make your muscles appear more defined. Follow these steps to shave your legs.

How to shave men’s legs step by step guide

How to shave men's legs step by step guide

Prepare for the shave

Determine how much hair you want to shave. If, for instance, you mostly wear shorts, you can consider getting a close shave. After determining this, you should equip yourself with the right tools.

Most men use the Remington body groomer kit to shave their legs. This is a six-piece hair shaver that can give you a comfortable shaving experience. Using it can minimize the risks of cutting yourself.

Start by trimming your leg hairs

Once you have prepared for the shave and have bought the trimmer, you can now start trimming the hairs on your leg. Use the Remington groomer to shorten the hairs. You can do this while standing on a large towel placed on the floor. This can make the clean-up afterward easier.


After using the groomer to trim the leg hairs, you can get into the shower. This can help you rinse off the trimmed hair.  It also wets the remaining leg hair. Take your time to exfoliate the legs as you pay more attention to sensitive areas.

If you don’t have quick access to a shower, you can wash the legs with a bowl of water and then exfoliate. You can use a loofah or body scrub to exfoliate. This can help you get rid of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt from the skin pores. Once you do this, wrap the legs with warm wet towels so that they can hydrate more.

Start shaving

Learning how to shave men’s legs is not complicated. Once your legs are wet enough, you should now use the Remington lithium power body groomer to shave them. This hair shaver is convenient since it promotes both dry and wet shaving. It also gives you up to five comb attachments to help you trim your leg hair in your preferred length.

This groomer can easily respond to the contours of the legs to give you an easy shaving experience. Ensure that you rinse the stainless steel blades of this groomer using hot water before you begin shaving. Doing this can lubricate them and help you achieve a more precise and smooth shave.

Take a second shower

Going back to the tub can help soften the remaining leg hair even more. It also makes it easy for the blades of the Remington groomer to cut through effortlessly. Since the Remington grooming kit is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about damaging it as you shave your legs in the shower.

Lather the legs

Once you have shaved the legs, you should get your shaving cream. Ensure you use one that forms a thick and nice lather. Do not use a transparent shaving cream that can make you miss a spot. You can prevent the lather from drying by breaking each leg into different parts.

Start by lathering the part that you want to begin shaving. Once you are done with this part, you can lather the next part of your leg and then shave it. You should also avoid a shaving cream that is likely to create too much foam since this can make shaving the legs difficult.

Take it slow

Do not rush into shaving your legs since you may end up with a cut. This should be a gradual process that needs a lot of care. Shaving your legs is not like shaving your face. Some areas on the legs are hard to see when you are trying to get the task done.

You should ensure that you begin with thin patches of hair so that you can extend the usefulness of the Remington blades. Work on the thickest patches of hair last since this can easily clog the shaver. Maintaining short strokes is also important since it can prevent the blades from clogging.

Ensure that you rinse the Remington groomer regularly under hot water as you shave. This can help you get rid of shaving cream and hairs on it. Shave your legs in the direction that most of the hair grows. Doing this can prevent you from razor bumps, nick, or skin irritation. If you are having trouble seeing some parts, you can use a mirror as you shave your legs.

Rinse off

Once you are done shaving the legs, you should rinse off. This can help you get rid of any hair or shaving cream that may be clinging to the legs. You can then touch your legs to test how smooth they feel. You can also use body wash on the legs to prevent nicks. After this, you should dry your legs with a clean towel then apply a good post-shave conditioner.

Why you should consider using the Remington Lithium Power Body Groomer


It comes with stainless steel blades that are sharp and long-lasting

WETech design

It can trim wet or dry

Five comb attachments

This can give you different length options to pick from

Lithium power battery

Allows you to work on leg hair for up to 80 minutes

Non-slip rubber grip

It can give you a comfortable leg shaving experience



Shaving the legs is a matter of preference. If you want to keep the skin smooth and looking good, you should learn how to shave men’s legs. Pay attention to the tips we have discussed above.


Why should you apply moisturizer on the legs after shaving?

This can prevent you from irritation and help the skin recuperate.

What is the purpose of exfoliating?

This can eliminate dead skin cells and minimize red bumps on your legs.

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