How To Shave Your Balls – The Latest Guide For 2022

How To Shave Your Balls Safely And Efficiently  

how to shave your balls

Man grooming has never been more popular, whether it comes to your beard or your balls. These days, more and more men choose to groom their pubic hair in the attempt to look more attractive, but also for better hygiene. It makes no difference if you do it for the silky feeling or to impress your partner – shaving balls is not an easy task.

If you think you can do it like you handle your face, you are wrong. The skin on your balls is more sensitive. Besides, it is not that flat, but it sags a little. The area is also soft, so learning how to shave your balls is mandatory before causing any problems – or even cutting yourself. All in all, here is how to get ready for it, what tools you need and how to do it by the book.

How To Shave Your Balls – Getting the right tools!

 All men do it. You get disposable razors, but you do not get rid of them straight away. Instead, you use them until they go dull and can no longer do the job. If you think you can use the same disposable razor you have used on your face for weeks, you are wrong. Sure, it may work, but there is a pretty good chance to get injured.

The skin around your balls is soft, saggy and sensitive. Therefore, you will need two tools in the process. First, you will need an electric razor. The razor will trim the hair quite short – still visible though. Do it right and you will never grab the skin – which is quite painful. However, this razor will not give you the smooth feeling you aim for.

Therefore, you will also require a safety razor. You can find all sorts of razors in commerce and many of them are usable if you know how to do it. For the area around your balls, you will need a safety unit. Sure, it is more expensive, but it is totally worth it. You can get disposable stuff or a safety razor in a kit with replaceable parts.

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how to shave your balls

How To Shave Your Balls – Preparation is key!

Learning how to shave your balls is not a complicated process, but there are a few steps you need to follow. It may seem a bit unusual at first, but do it a few times and it will become part of your routine. Before moving on, make sure all the tools you need are by your side and you can get the job done without having to go out and buy something else.

Trim First

First of all, you will have to trim the hair. This step is important if you do not shave too often. If you do it weekly or maybe twice a week, you can skip it because the hair obviously does not have enough time to grow too much. Trimming the hair is important because using the razor straight away will most likely cause irritation.

To get the job done, you will need a mirror. Get a leg on a sturdy surface. It could be the side of your bathtub or perhaps a stool. As long as your leg is up, you are ready to go. Grab the electric trimmer with one hand and gently pull the skin in one direction with the other hand. You want it to be slightly flat, rather than sagged. You can also use scissors if you do not have an electric trimmer, but be careful.

The point is to trim the hair to the shortest possible length. However, avoid touching the skin. Once you touch the skin, the risk to get injured becomes quite high. Move the skin around by pulling in one direction or another – change hands if you have to and you have good dexterity in both of them. Cover the whole area and ensure everything is trimmed before moving on.

Some People Like To Use Warm Water

The next step is an individual preference, some people find that soaking the balls in warm water will help with shaving! However, Whether you take a bath or shower, it makes no difference. The idea is to use warm water because you want the pores to be open.

At the same time, a warm shower will soften the hair. You do not want it to feel like a brush when you start shaving it. Furthermore, the balls will relax and hang loose, which will help in the process – they are easy to move around then. Keep in mind that the water must be warm, but not too hot or it could irritate the skin. If it is too cold, the balls will retreat, making the process more difficult.

Final step

The final step in preparation implies using a product designed for shaving your balls. Stick to gentle products that will not cause any irritation. It makes no difference what you use – it could be a gel, cream or foam. As long as it is made for shaving, you should be alright. Get something with a soothing ingredient – something natural, such as aloe vera. It will help by reducing friction effects.

Some products – like foam – can cover everything. You will have to do it a bit blindly, so make sure you cover every area. Some others – like gels – stay clear. This way, you can see what you are doing. They can be more convenient because they will prevent injuries. When choosing the right product, you will see the market is still not developed. A general shaving cream is also handy if the ingredients are mild.

Ideally, try to find something with gentle ingredients – advertised to be efficient for sensitive skin. As for things to avoid, while they are quite common, avoid those with cooling effects or ingredients. For example, you do not want eucalyptus or menthol on your balls while you shave. While some male grooming products include them, it is different when you shave.

How To Shave Your Balls Safely – Ready To Begin!

The above-mentioned steps will help you get the balls ready. When not sure how to shave your balls, keep in mind that many things actually make sense, so common sense is a must. You would not shave your face dry, without any products or without washing the face first. The same rule applies to your balls. Now, how do you do it by the book?

Now that your balls are ready for it, it is time to shave. You will need the same position for maximum efficiency – one foot higher than the other. Be it a stool or your bathtub, this position is more comfortable than others. Also, it makes no difference which leg you put up – whatever feels comfortable. The dominant hand will use the razor, while the other one will pull the skin.

Start pulling left and right, back and forth in order to get different parts of the scrotum flat and smooth. When you start shaving, make sure you do it gently. Keep it slow – there is no rush. Rushing can increase the risk of cutting injuries. Ideally, you should shave in the direction of the hair. Normally, for maximum efficiency, you should go against the growing direction.

With time, your skin will get used to it and you will be able to do it this way. During the early stages, do it in the growing direction to prevent irritation. As you keep shaving, feel free to rinse along. Use some warm water. When done, rinse one more time and avoid rubbing the towel against the scrotum, as it may cause irritation. Instead, simply pat dry.

Looking after your balls when done shaving!

 In the ideal case, you should do this job without any nicks at all. The skin is now smooth, but quite irritated. A bit of redness is perfectly normal. You need some aftercare to soothe the skin, but more importantly, to prevent those annoying bumps. Bumps will get itchy and can cause further irritation, hence the necessity of aftercare.

The process is fairly simple when it comes to your face. You get some aftershave in your palms, slap yourself a few times and you are ready to go. The balls are more sensitive and require more care. Plus, imagine the stinging sensations if you put some alcohol-based aftershave on freshly shaved balls – hard to cope with.

Get a balm for sensitive areas. You can also get some skin oil. Look for something that does not have any alcohol in its composition. Menthol is also forbidden due to the cool stinging sensation. Instead, opt for soothing ingredients. Aloe vera is excellent from this point of view. Some vegetable skin milk is just as helpful.

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Most common problems when shaving your balls

Learning how to shave your balls is not everything. You will also have to become familiar with the common issues – sooner or later, you will face some of them. Some of the most popular issues involve razor burn sensations, bumps, bleeding, itching sensations, redness, ingrown hairs or even folliculitis – a medical issue caused by shaving.

Skin Irritation

When dealing with irritation, issues like redness or razor burn will go within days – up to a week. To reduce the irritation, get warm baths and avoid rubbing towels on the area, but pat dry. You can also get some aloe vera gel or similar soothing lotions on the skin. Ideally, you should not shave again until the irritation is gone.

Itchy Skin

Itching sensations are just as common. Irritation will not occur after you shave only. Instead, as your hair starts growing back, it will stick to the skin or push against it, causing both irritation and itching. Give it a couple of days and you will understand. The issue is also temporary. If it is not, you can get OTC topical remedies from pharmacies.

Skin Bumps

Bumps are not to be overlooked either. Blisters can also appear. In some cases, folliculitis could kick in. This medical affection targets the hair root and implies mild infections. You might need some OTC ointments, but you should also focus on keeping the genital area perfectly clean. Problematic cases are less likely to occur, but if you see pus or experience fever, seek medical attention.

Cuts And Nicks

Finally, nicks and cuts are just as problematic and among the main shaving balls injuries. The main issue is the fact that they can be extremely painful. Given the sensitivity of the skin, a mild cut that would not feel too bad on a finger will almost cause you to cry. The area is rich in blood veins. A simple cut will give you lots of blood, especially if you are in the shower and it mixes with water.

There is not much to be concerned about, as the problem is not as bad as it seems. Sure, seeing blood coming out of your balls will almost make you fain, but such injuries are common and less likely to become too serious. Basic first aid will get your sorted. Keep rinsing and get some clean gauze or perhaps some tissue to absorb the blood.

Such minor cuts will stop bleeding within minutes only. They will also heal within a few days – once it stops bleeding, you will barely feel the discomfort. When not sure how to shave your balls and you face an injury, you will have to see a doctor only if the cut is too deep or the bleeding is severe and does not seem to stop.

How To Shave Your Balls – Conclusion

As a short final conclusion, learning how to shave your balls is not rocket science. In general, you apply the same principles you use when you shave your face. The area is more sensitive though, so it requires a bit of extra care. Basically, a little preparation will ease the process and prevent potential injuries.

At the same time, the aftercare is slightly different. As for potential problems, they are similar to what you could get when you shave your face – temporary and less likely to be serious. The more often you do it, the better the skin will react to the procedure.​

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