How To Take Care Of Curly Hair | A 2022 Guide For Black Male’s

A Complete Guide For Black Male’s – How To Take Care Of curly Hair

Clean your hair with moisturizing shampoo once a week. You can also use dry shampoo from time to time. After cleaning, dry the curly hair naturally or use blow-dry on low heat. You can then style it using a good styling product. Make use of a foundation spray after styling the hair. Instead of using a brush on this hair, you should finger-comb it.  This is how to take care of curly hair black male.

If you are a black male with curly hair, you probably attract a lot of attention from ladies. Though curly hair looks great on guys, maintaining it is not always the easiest task. You should include certain tips in your hair care regimen for you to enjoy your hair.

What you should know regarding curly hair

Before we discuss how you can take care of curly hair, you should learn some facts regarding this hair type. Most males that have curly hair face certain issues such as lack of moisture or frizz.

The follicle of this type of hair has a coil shape. This makes the oil that the scalp produces have a hard time getting to the shaft. Due to this shape, curly hair is often dry towards the ends. Curls need more attention than straight hair and more moisture. Curly hair also tends to be brittle and coarse.

how to take care of curly hair

How to take care of curly hair black male

Get a great moisturizing shampoo

Take your time to choose a moisturizing shampoo for curly hair. You should pay attention to the ingredients that shampoo comes with so that you can choose one that works well for your curls. Go for a moisturizing shampoo that contains natural oils such as coconut oil and argan oil since such elements can add moisture to the curly hair and give it a protective seal.

Most black males choose creamy shampoos over those that have a gel consistency. Go for one that does not contain sulfate since this can easily strip the natural moisture in your curly hair. Ensure that you wash and condition the hair at least once every week. This can also prevent it from damage.

You can also clean it using dry shampoo at least once in ten days. This targets the scalp since it soaks up oils and extra grimes without affecting your hair strands. It can also give each hair strand an extra lift. Apart from the regular conditioner, you can also use deep conditioning treatment to keep the curly hair more moisturized and soft.

How To Dry Curly hair

You should also do this based on the thickness and length of your curly hair. Black males with curly hair dry it differently. While some prefer air-drying curls, others use heat. If you prefer the second option, you should use less heat and make use of a leave-in conditioner.

Blow-dry the curly hair with a diffuser on cold air until the curls are semi-dry, then adjust to hot air using a low setting until they dry. When you begin with cold air without touching the curly hair, you can easily minimize frizz. Air drying curly hair is, however, a better option. You can make the curls look more defined by twisting them around your finger when they are wet, then let them air dry.

Use a styling product

As you learn how to take care of curly hair black male, you should also find out which styling products can blend well with your hair. A styling product ensures that your scalp is well oiled. It can also seal in the moisture that you gave the hair from cleaning and conditioning it. You can use a styling product that promotes circulation to the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Apart from that, you can also enhance the appearance of your curls by applying curl cream. Rub it in the hair before it is completely dry.

Get a foundation spray

Though humidity can give curly hair an extra bounce, extra humidity is not the best for this type of hair. You can combat frizz using foundation spray on your curly hair. Consider applying an anti-humidity shield on the curly hair after styling it.  Alternatively, consider using a smoothing serum. This is a great formula that can also help in curbing frizz. A few drops are enough on the hair.

Avoid brushing the curly hair

For you to take care of curly hair well, you should avoid using a brush on it. Instead, comb the hair using your finger. Apart from that, you should avoid rubbing curly hair with a towel to dry it. Instead of doing this, you can get rid of the moisture from wet curly hair using a cotton t-shirt. Do this gently.

Work with a good stylist

Since taking care of curly hair without help is challenging, you should ensure that you find a good stylist. Work with a barber or stylist that handles curly hair for men so that they can help you maintain it from time to time.

How to take care of curly hair black male- The products you need

Moisturizing Shampoo

Wash the curly hair with a moisturizing shampoo to give it extra moisture


Use a heavy conditioner that contains elements such as coconut oil

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Using this at least once every week can keep the curly hair soft and more moisturized

Curl Cream

This makes the curls look better

Smoothing Cream

You can use this lightweight formula to curb freeze



Curly hair on black males looks amazing when it is well taken care of. Following these tips can help you learn how to take care of curly hair black male. Start shopping for the right products today.


How can I enhance natural curls on my hair?

You can use natural herbal treatments to achieve this.

Can I use Vaseline on my curly hair?

Yes. Though this is not a moisturizer, it can create a protective layer in your curly hair and prevent it from breaking.

Can i cut my curly hair with thinning scissors?

No, do not cut your curly hair with thinning scissors, this damages the curls. It is always best to use a trimmer and a comb. We advise going to a good hair stylist who knows how to cut curly hair.


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