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Perfect Ball Hair Trimmer – Platinum Pro By Mangroomer

PLATINUM PRO by MANGROOMER – The Best Ball Hair Trimmer In 2020

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The Most Advanced Ball Hair Trimmer and Body Groomer

Platinum Pro By Mangroomer features the latest Ball hair Trimmer and Body groomer that is considered the most innovative body trimmer ever developed. The innovation of this Men’s Trimmer required more than 18 years of research and growth. Additionally, this Men’s Ball Hair Trimmer offers a double Foil Blade and a Gift Storage Bag!

Exceptional Cutting-Edge Design For Easy Grooming

Platinum Pro By Mangroomer’s Cutting-Edge Model is a hybrid of two shavers in one that’ll help you to get the ultimate body grooming experience you never had before. Now you’ll quickly clean, trim, and wash all parts of your body, including your underarms, face, back, arms, hips, groin, and stomach as well.

Double-sided Trimmer with Foil-Blade and Shock-Absorber Flex-Neck 

Its first side includes a Body Groomer with a combined Double-sided Trimmer or Foil Blade, which will easily shave both short and long body hair to provide you the complete smoothness just in one fluid motion. Besides, it’s got a Flex-Neck Shock-Absorber to suit all sensitive body contours.

Eight Length Settings Featured Ball hair Trimmer

The other second side of its Body Trimmer features Eight Different Length Adjustments that correctly help you to conduct precise trimming of longer body hairs to the length you want. This trimming comes as nearly as one-sixteenth of an inch and ideal for the private places beneath the armpits, shoulders, and most notably sensitive areas. However, if the hair you are shaving is very long, you need to use the course shaving end of the unit first and then the other end of the group to achieve a nice hair-free shave.

Longer Battery Life with Latest Max Plus Lithium

Along with all its amazing features mentioned above, this Men’s Body Hair Trimmer also features the latest Lithium Max Plus battery that lasts up to five times longer than a regular NiHD / NiCad battery and enables impressively quick charging. It shows its charging status with a Red or Green Charging Light indicator. Latest Advanced Charging Cradle would beautifully show your device!

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Trim in both Wet and Dry Conditions and Simple to Wash

This Men’s Ball Hair Trimmer’s is remarkable, as it’s immune to water and can be used both in wet and dry conditions. It simplifies washing by quickly rinsing under the tap. You may use foam or without foam based on your choice when shaving.

Key Features 

– You’ll love its two heads on one device, and you don’t need to replace different heads

Impressive Quality and Craftmanship

– It charges super fast and has a great battery life

– The cut would be smooth, and the blades would not nick or pull


10 Total Score

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