Remington vs. Wahl Beard Trimmer | Is There Really A Difference?

Remington vs. Wahl beard Trimmer | Lets Compare These Two Brands

Minimize your trips to a salon or barbershop by buying a long-lasting beard trimmer that you can use at home. You can get a quality one from either Remington or Wahl.

Getting great beard trimmers can help you maintain a great look more often. Wahl and Remington are both popular brands known for creating quality and powerful beard trimmers. Choosing between these manufacturers is, however, not easy. We will help you compare Remington vs. Wahl trimmers to help you figure out which one can help you meet your needs. 

What are the differences between Remington and Wahl trimmers?







PG6171 the Crafter


Lithium-Ion All-in-One Beard Trimmer

Wahl Aqua Blade

Run Time

3 hours

1 hour

3.5 hours 

2.5 Hours


Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Self-sharpening precision

Precision T-blade











Remington vs. Wahl beard trimmers- How do they compare?


Though both Remington and Wahl are reputable manufacturers of beard trimmers, they have some key differences. Remington has a larger pool of beard trimmers compared to Wahl. If you choose to work with Remington, you can find up to five different models of beard trimmers. On the other hand, Wahl focuses more on quality than quantity.


Apart from variety, these two brands have differing prices. Most Wahl beard trimmers are more affordable compared to Remington beard trimmers. Wahl caters to the needs of customers on a budget looking to save some cash on such trimmers.


According to users, most Wahl beard trimmers are a bit louder than Remington models during use. Remington beard trimmers do not vibrate as much as Wahl clippers when trimming facial hair. If you stay alone, this may not be a big issue compared to someone who shares a room.


Wahl beard trimmers are accompanied by storage, while most Remington trimmers lack this feature. Storage is crucial since it can prevent you from misplacing some of the pieces. If you choose a Wahl beard trimmer, you will likely get a zip bag that can fit most of the attachments.

Remington vs. Wahl trimmers- A comparison overview

Remington Trimmers Overview

Remington has been producing different personal grooming products since the 1800s. Over the years, this company has managed to maintain an excellent reputation for its quality products. Since Remington offers different beard trimmers, it gives you the liberty to choose from many options. Let us look at some of the beard trimmers from the manufacturer.

Remington PG6171 the Crafter

This beard trimmer gives you the freedom to work on facial hair even while in the shower. It is a waterproof trimmer that is not only easy to use but also clean. When you charge this model, you can use it for at least 180 minutes without needing a recharge. It also offers a 5-minute quick charge so that you don’t get stranded when you are in the middle of shaving.

The model comes as an 11 piece kit that has all the necessary tools to achieve your needs. It includes an ear and nose hair trimmer, mini foil shaver, five stubble combs, a detail trimmer, and an adjustable guide comb. You can store all these parts in the available zip-up bag it comes with. Remington PG6171 the Crafter is a cordless beard trimmer that can control how your beard looks.

Even if you have a very thick beard, you can trim it using this model since it features a turbo mode that can power through it. With this beard trimmer, you can also work on your mustache, sideburns, or goatee to achieve the desired look.

Remington the crater is a versatile beard trimmer that offers up to nine trimming lengths that you can choose from. The clip-on adjustable comb makes it easy to use. You can easily navigate the neck area thanks to an extended shaver neck which allows you to achieve precision.

It is also made with stainless steel blades that are quite sharp and long-lasting. These can give you a detailed trim every time you use the beard trimmer. If you want an up-close styling, feel free to use the available detail trimmer. As you compare Remington vs. Wahl trimmers, you should not overlook this model.


  • Equipped with stainless steel blades
  • Can run for three hours
  • It contains a low battery indicator
  • Turbo mode present
  • Less noise


  • Less durable

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Remington VPG6530

If you don’t like cleaning the bathroom sink every time you shave, consider this beard trimmer. It has a vacuuming system that can lead to a mess-free trimming experience. This system works with the fan blade to suction hair clippings and create maximum power.

Most of the hair ends up in a removable chamber instead of in your sink. You can then use some cotton to get rid of the hair in the chamber. This Remington beard trimmer can help you shave, detail, or trim any unwanted facial hair from the comfort of your home.

The beard trimmer makes use of a lithium battery which can give you up to an hour of trimming as you use it cordlessly. According to the manufacturer, this Remington model offers more power than most conventional beard trimmers.

It also comes with at least 13 length settings that you can pick from. You don’t have to keep on trimming the same spot a couple of times since this beard trimmer has sharp stainless steel blades. These blades remain sharp over time so that you can always get the task done without struggling.

It contains useful attachments such as the foil shaver, nose and ear hair trimmer, and detail trimmer. You can use the full-size trimmer to work on your neckline or sideburns. Most customers of this beard trimmer reveal that the ear and nose hair trimmer removes excess hair without pulling and causing pain.

The included foil shaver is designed to give you a close shave, while the detail trimmer can help you style the tight areas around your face. In comparing Remington vs. Wahl beard trimmers, we included this beard trimmer since it has some unique features that you should take note of. For instance, it contains an LED charging indicator. This can help you keep tabs on the battery as it charges.


  • It can suck in most of the hair
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great battery life
  • It is easy to clean
  • This model can run for 1 hour on a single charge


  • It is not very precise on sideburns

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Wahl Trimmers Overview

This company creates beard trimmers that are not only designed for home use but also professional use. It has been delivering good grooming products for men for decades now. Most of the Wahl beard trimmers are cordless and rechargeable. Let us look at some of its models.

Wahl Lithium-Ion All-in-One Beard Trimmer

You can easily maintain your facial hair by using this all-in-one trimmer. This model offers twice the cutting power of a regular rechargeable beard trimmer. It can run for 3.5 hours on a single charge and offers a 1-minute quick charge to help you fulfill quick grooming needs.

The kit contains seven guide combs, a dual shaver, T-blade, a six-position adjustable guide, and a precision detailer. You can use the trimmer blade to groom facial hair and a dual shaver to achieve ultra-close shaving. Most users reveal that this does not cause any irritation on the skin.

The T-blade attachment can help you outline and fade a short haircut, while the precision detail head works great when it comes to trimming sensitive areas around the face. Wahl equips this beard trimmer with precision blades that stay sharp over time.

This is a lightweight beard trimmer that does not lose charge during storage. Since its motor operates quietly, you can use it without disturbing anyone. This is an environmentally smart beard trimmer that does not have any memory issues.

You can maintain this beard trimmer by using oil between haircuts. Doing this can extend the lifespan of the blades and motor. This model gives you the liberty to pick the beard style you prefer every time and achieve the exact look without using a lot of effort. Most professionals choose these Wahl beard trimmers over others.


  • It is lightweight
  • Works quietly
  • Can run for more than three hours
  • This is a high-quality trimmer
  • It comes as a 19 piece kit


  • It starts rusting after some time

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Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable

We had to include this model in our Remington vs. Wahl trimmers comparison since it is one of the highest-rated models from Wahl. This is another all-in-one trimmer that comes in a showerproof design. It is a convenient trimmer that also makes cleaning a breeze. You can use this beard trimmer on the beard area, mustache, around the nose or ears.

Wahl Aqua blade is a versatile beard trimmer that comes with 23 pieces. It has at least four interchangeable heads, a charger, and 12 attachment guards. Since it comes with an extreme precision T-Blade, it can help you achieve very close trimming without leading to irritation.

The beard trimmer uses a lithium-ion battery. It can operate for more than 2 hours on a single charge. Besides that, the model also features a 3-minute quick charge. Since this accepts worldwide voltage, you can rely on it even while you are traveling.

Most customers also praise it for its self-sharpening precision blades that deliver extreme precision. These can give you an ultra-close shaving experience. A good beard trimmer should work effectively at low noise levels. That is what you can expect from picking this model.

It can help you groom even in the morning without disturbing your partner. You can rely on this beard trimmer since it works on different beard lengths and thicknesses without struggling. It also comes with a built-in LED that can help you figure out when the beard trimmer is completely charged.


  • 3-minute quick charge
  • Showerproof design
  • Works at low noise levels
  • It is great for travel or even home use
  • You can use it for wet or dry shaving


  • It has a cheap plastic feel

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Having a beard trimmer can make grooming easy. Wahl and Remington have come up with different beard trimmers that can help you meet your shaving or trimming needs.

Regardless of the brand that you prefer working with, you will come across differently named beard trimmers from both companies. Comparing them is important since every beard trimmer from the manufacturers is different in one way or the other.

Verdict: So, which is better? Remington or Wahl beard trimmers?

After comparing Remington vs. Wahl beard trimmers, we found out that Wahl beard trimmers are better. This is because most Wahl trimmers are ideal for home and professional use. This manufacturer makes both corded and cordless trimmers that have impressive run times.

It also includes adequate attachments to its beard trimmers to help you achieve your desired beard style and offers bags for storage. Though Remington beard trimmers are also good, most of them come with short wires. They also lack extra storage and have a higher price. If you have a tight budget, you may not get the best beard trimmer from Remington. We, therefore, choose Wahl beard trimmers as the clear winner.



Do Remington beard trimmers make lots of noise?

No. According to most customers, most Remington beard trimmers produce less noise during use.

Which attachments do most Wahl beard trimmers come with?

They include an attachment brush, oil, scissors, and a cleaning brush.

How can I maintain a beard trimmer for it to serve me for long?

Most of the beard trimmers need some maintenance. You can use oil on your model between haircuts so that you can improve the performance of the blades and motor.


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