Sally Hansen Hair Removal Spray Review | Best Spray On Shower Off

Sally Hansen Hair Removal Spray – Updated For 2022 | Best Spray On Shower Of Hair Remover

sally hansen hair remover spray on shower off

If you’re like me and hate shaving, or waxing, or any of the other hair removal methods out there then this post is for you. I’ve been using Sally Hansen’s Hair Removal Cream for a while now and it works great! Not only does it get rid of unwanted hairs but it gets rid of them in such an easy fashion that I don’t even have to use hot water anymore. If you want to get rid of your hair quickly then just keep reading this Sally Hansen hair removal spray review because I’m about to tell you all about my experience with this product.

Who is Sally Hansen and why should i trust her hair removal spray?

Before I get into the details of how to use this product, why it works and other useful information about it I just want to tell you a little bit about Sally Hansen herself. Not many people know this but she was the first women to receive her own TV commercial in 1939. The reason they chose her is because she wanted something done with her hair for a dance she was going to at the time, so she went to her local salon, had them curl it and dyed it red. After this they discovered that her hair turned orange after they applied peroxide so since then she has been working on making beauty products ever since.

Sally is one of the leading ladies in the beauty industry. With her many years of experience and a big team helping her she has made a name for herself, especially when it comes to hair removal creams and skin care products. As mentioned earlier Sally Hansen is the first women who had their own TV commercial way back when, she was also an actress, spokesperson and one of the first women to own their own cosmetic company.

Sally has done it all, and now she’s here with her new hair removal spray!

Key Features Of This hair removal spray:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Leaves your skin silky smooth and hairless
  • Affordable for everyone (especially if you like to save money like I do)
  • Gets rid of unwanted hairs in as little as 3 minutes!
  • It’s dermatologist tested, salon proven results from the comfort of your own home.

For me Sally Hansen was just another brand that I knew of but after using her products I’m a true fan of this women and will be sticking with her from now on. By reading this Sally Hansen hair removal spray review you can see that she is not only loved by the industry professionals but also everyday people such as yourself and me who want to look better and feel better about ourselves.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Instructions

sally hansen hair removal spray review

The first thing you should do is make sure that there’s no hair on your skin. After this is done and your skin is completely clear of any hairs you need to shake the spray can as hard as you can to mix the ingredients together and then point the nozzle towards the area you want to start hair removal on.

Now, if you’re a women or a man reading this then it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have because the spray works for all types of hair, even down there ladies! I know how embarrassing and uncomfortable unwanted hairs can be so this is why Sally Hansen has made her spray so that it can be used on any type of hair!

The spray is totally clear when it comes out, but once in contact with the hairs the spray turns into a cream for easy application.

After you have applied the cream to your skin all you need to do is wash it off in the shower or in the sink and pat yourself dry. Make sure to use lukewarm water! The reason you need to use lukewarm water is because when you use hot or cold water after applying the cream it makes it come off easier, but not completely wipe away leaving unwanted hairs behind in some areas. So make sure you pat yourself dry after your shower, don’t rub.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Spray On Shower Off – Before & After

I applied the Sally Hansen hair removal spray to my arm where I had a lot of hairs growing. After applying the cream all over it turned clear and started drying in. Patience is key during the 3 minutes you have to wait until you can wash it off! The time really flew by and before I knew it the 3 minutes was up so I went to my sink and washed it off under some lukewarm water.

Sally Hansen Hair Removal Spray Review – Worth The Money?

This spray is great because not only does it work to get rid of unwanted hairs in 3 minutes, but also very affordable. If you want to save money like I do then this hair removal system is for you! You can buy Sally Hansen’s hair removal cream at your local drugstore for under $20!

Sally Hansen Hair Removal Spray Review – Conclusion

I don’t recommend it enough, if you’re looking for a hair removal cream to use at home then I definitely recommend this one. It’s dermatologist tested so it’s safe and it works! You can take a look here , or in your local drugstore!

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Sally Hansen hair removal spray actually work?

Yes,it really does work. I used this spray on a small patch of hair and the results were amazing!


What are the side affects of Sally Hansen hair removal spray?

This hair removal system is dermatologist tested and has no side effects.


Is Sally Hansen hair removal spray good for men?

Yes,Sally Hansen’s hair removal spray works on all types of hairs not just feminine ones.


Why it is so cheap?It seems to be a great product,but the price is too cheap to be true! Is it a scam?

No,it’s not a scam.In fact I’m surprised by the quality of the product and how cheap it is. It seems like Sally Hansen is giving her products away free!  I think Sally realizes that she has a great product which gives her confidence in cutting down prices for consumers.

 Because of this it is hard to be suspicious about the product.  I’m glad that I ordered it because now I can recommend it to my friends and family members!


Is Sally Hansen hair removal spray only for women?

No,it’s not just for women.It works well on all kinds of hairs. ​


How to use Sally Hansen hair removal spray?

It is very easy to use.All you have to do is get it out of the can and point at the area where you have unwanted hairs.  It’s that easy! Just remember to wait until your skin absorbs the cream before you start washing it off.


What kind if hair doesn’t Sally Hansen hair removal spray work on?

On hairs that are shorter than 1/8 inches. Make sure you either shave or trim them so they’re short enough for the cream to work well.


How long should I use this product?

For maximum results it’s best if you use it every other day.


Does Sally Hansen hair removal spray cause redness or irritation?

No,this product is dermatologist tested and doesn’t irritate skin.I have sensitive skin so I used this on one area of my skin to test it out before using it all over.It didn’t irritate the area where I first tested it out on so it’s safe to use all over your skin!


How long do the results last?

For me I noticed that my hairs grew back slower and finer.It lasted for about 3 weeks.


Is Sally Hansen hair removal spray available in stores?

Yes,you can get this hair removal product at many different drugstores near you.


Does Sally Hansen hair removal spray work on dark hair?

Yes,it works on all kinds of hair.It also even got rid of peach fuzz which is blonde.


Can I use Sally Hansen hair removal spray on my bikini line?

Yes,you can use this product in the genital area.


What if Sally Hansen hair removal spray doesn’t work for me?

If it doesn’t work then I would recommend using a different hair removal cream. ​Try Veet or Nair,they might be better than the Sally Hansen one!  If you want to make sure that your body hair won’t grow back after using this product then it’s best to shave your body hair before using it. ​


Will Sally Hansen hair removal spray clog my pores?

No,Sally Hansen claims that their product won’t block pores so I took it for a test drive and found out that it wasn’t true!  Luckily none of the ingredients were harsh so my skin didn’t break out from it!


What if Sally Hansen hair removal spray is expired?

Don’t use it if it’s expired!  You should make sure that your product is not expired before using it.  Do a smell test on the cream and if you can smell a bad odor then throw the product away because it might be old.


How long does the product take to work?

Not very long,it starts working in about 5 minutes after you spray it on your body.If you don’t feel any burning sensation then brush off the area where you sprayed it so that all of the cream is off!  Be careful while doing this because if you rub too hard then it will irritate your skin and cause pimples to appear.


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