Tame The Beast – Top 3 Products For 2022

Tame The Beast – Top 3 Products & Buying Guide

tame the beastYou do not have to be a genius to realize it – men are not as good as women when it comes to moisturizing. Sure, the truth is there are many more products specifically designed for women than for men, but at the end of the day, the skin is the same. When the cold season kicks in, you shake someone’s hand and it feels super dry and flaky.

 Moisturizing is not all about hands and faces only. Less visible parts of your body – such as your testicles – require just as much attention. Dryness, itching sensations, or flaking are some of the most common problems associated with balls. Things can also get quite sticky and stinky in the summertime when you inevitably sweat in that area.

 Generally speaking, genitals are normally moist. In some cases, if you do not experience any of the above-mentioned problems, chances are applying even more moisturizer will lead to various problems – including fungal infections. But then, if the skin is cracked or dry, you do need to pay attention and give it some treatment.

 Choose The Right Product

Choosing the right moisturizer for your balls can be tricky. There are not too many products out there, yet some of the existing ones stand out in the crowd. The Tame the Beast nutt butter is one of the things you will always run into when researching the market. Now, there are a few different options to consider – here are the best-rated ones and what makes them stand out.

About Tame the Beast Company

Tame the Beast has been particularly designed for men only. The company produces grooming stuff for men. There are a bunch of personal care solutions that can take your grooming routine to another level. From body washes and shampoos to soaps or lotions, you can find anything a man might need to tame the beast and make the difference.

Quality Is Important

Every product is made in the USA, meaning it has to bypass the strict local regulations and quality standards – definitely a plus. On the same note, these energizing products are based on globally sourced ingredients. Forget about chemicals and dangerous stuff – instead, benefit from vegan and cruelty-free natural ingredients.

While there are lots of flavors and aromas that will entice you (as well as your partner or a hot date), everything is based on ingredients like eucalyptus, green tea, moringa, ginseng, guarana, bakuchiol, or pomegranate. To take things even further, everything is packed in recycled containers, so apart from looking after yourself, you also look after the environment.

Tame the Beast products were designed with rough weather conditions in mind. It makes no difference if you have a beard, long hair, a hairy body or you have not looked after yourself in months. No matter what set you purchase, it will take your grooming results to the next level – get ready to impress everyone around you. The line brings in body, hair, and beard grooming products, among others.

Let’s Dive into the top 3 Products From Tame The Beast

Top 3 Tame The Beast Product Reviews

The nutt butter has a crystal-clear profile. It is aimed at moisturizing your testicles and creating a protective film around them. The skin will no longer feel dry or cracked. There are more products in this line, yet a few of them are more popular than others.

Tame the Beast Nutt Butter

This nutt butter is only available in one size – more than enough. After all, all products from Tame the Beast have dates on them, so you do not need to buy industrial quantities. It comes in a classic eight-ounce container – more than enough for weeks of regular use.

The butter has multipurpose capabilities. It checks pretty much every box out there. It prevents the natural aging process, sagging balls, chaffing issues, dryness, and shriveling. It moisturizes and brings in a smooth feel.


 The butter is based on the tingly eucalyptus. It also has good doses of aloe, cocoa, and vitamin E. Other extracts and essential oils include jojoba, calendula, shea, rosemary, lavender, comfrey root, chamomile, and mango.

 It is based on 100% natural ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals that could irritate the balls. There are no artificial colors, paraffin, glutten, dyes, phthalates, sulfates or parabens. While the ingredients are globally sourced, the product is made in the USA.


It is important to know that while it was specifically developed for balls, the butter is suitable for other parts of the body too. After all, the skin on the testicles is thin and fragile. If something suits this type of skin, it will be just as efficient on tougher parts of your body.

Where Else Can I Apply This product?

You can apply the butter on the back, chest, and pretty much every part of the skin. Even if you go around your body, it will not leave any unpleasant odors. Given the ingredients, it will leave a welcoming and natural aroma around you – your partner or hot date will love it.

 Skin Types

Another good thing is that the butter works with all types of skin. If you are oily, simply clean the skin before applying the butter. Do you have dry skin? Normal skin? It makes no difference, as the healthy natural ingredients will suit all types of skin.

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 How Do I Use This Product?

The application is fairly simple. If you have applied other creams before (whether to moisturize your hands, clear acne, or help a tattoo heal), you know how it works. Grab a bit of butter on the tips of your fingers, apply it to the balls and rub it in. Make sure the layer is thin.


  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Leaves a pleasant scent behind
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for other parts of the body too
  • Ideal for all types of skin


  • Applying too much butter will make the balls sticky

Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Extreme

 If you feel like the original Tame The Beast Nutt Butter is not good enough for you or your problems are too severe, you may want to take things to another level. The company has brought in something with even higher concentrations and more power – suitable for exquisite issues.

Who Can Use This Product?

This product is suitable for everyone, but it makes a better choice for those with serious skin cracking problems or dryness. If dryness comes with redness too, you require even more care and maintenance. This is when the extreme nutt butter kicks in.

Natural Ingredients Only

Just like other products in the Tame the Beast range, this one is based on 100% natural ingredients. Most importantly, it has the tingly sensations associated with a high dose of eucalyptus, but it is also rich in cocoa and menthol, among many others.

Since this product brings in higher doses of the active substances, it pays off trying it first. Do not cover your balls in it yet. Simply try it on a small patch, give it 24 hours and see if there are any unwanted reactions. Avoid contact with the mouth, eyes, and other sensitive spots.

The menthol is probably the ingredient responsible for the cool feel and freshness. Just like the original nutt butter, this one is also suitable for other parts of the body. It will go on your chest, back, neck, and so on – plus, the menthol leaves an even fresher aroma.

Application Process

The application is fairly simple. Squeeze a bit of butter onto the tips of your fingers. A few drops are usually more than enough. Apply everything on the balls, then massage them for a minute to help the skin absorb the nutrients. Ideally, you should do it after a shower – dry yourself first.

The nutt butter comes in a single size. You will get a squeezable container with six ounces of butter. Simply remove the lid before applying and squeeze lightly. The butter is soft, so you risk releasing too much of it.

Whether it is dryness, flaky skin, cracking skin or normal skin, the nutt butter works wonders. It is also handy if you cannot find any issues at all – you simply cannot go wrong with extra hydration and a protective layer around the skin.

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  • Easy to apply – squeezable container
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Menthol and eucalyptus give it a great aroma
  • Great for all kinds of issues – even for healthy, normal balls
  • Can be used on other parts of the body too


  • Since it is powerful, it may cause irritation – test it first on a small patch of skin

Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Blue

This nutt butter is suitable for all seasons, but especially during the summertime. The blue profile makes it crystal clear – apart from ensuring top-notch protection for your testicles, it is just as handy as keeping the area cool and comfortable, rather than hot and sweaty.

 The cool profile of the nutt butter is just as handy to prevent other problems associated with the weather. If you tend to suffer from chafing issues, the butter will heal such issues and prevent them from coming back – not just dry, but also comfortable.

The blue scent is a signature aroma. You are less likely to find it anywhere else. Apart from preventing wetness, it will give you a pleasant aroma, which is great if you are about to go on a hot date or you want to impress your partner.

Cooling Sensation

The cooling sensation comes with a tingling feeling. It feels comfy, but also nice. The tingling sensation is not given by the moisturizing effect though, but the cool aroma. Once applied, the butter will dry up within a minute or two, leaving your balls with a smooth effect.

 It is worth noting that despite the extraordinary results, the butter does not have any talc in its composition. There will be no random residue within hours and there will be no mess involved. Furthermore, there are no parabens, gluten, or aluminum in its composition.

What is It Made From?

Instead, you have 100% natural ingredients that will never cause any side effects or unwanted reactions. The product is vegan and made in the USA. It features organic aloe, oat and vitamin E, among other healthy ingredients.

How To Use This Product

The application is simple. Simply apply a small amount of butter on the tips of your fingers. Massage the balls for about a minute to ensure you cover the whole area, then let it dry for another minute. It is suitable for friction areas, so you might as well apply it to your thighs.

Product Sizing

Last, but not least, it is worth noting that it comes in a single size. The recipient has six ounces and is squeezable. Since it can be quite soft, make sure you squeeze it gently after removing the lid. Keep it in a dry place.

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  • The medium tingling sensation that feels nice
  • Based on 100% natural ingredients
  • No talc or other harmful components
  • Suitable for other friction areas too – such as inner thighs
  • Pleasant aroma


  • It may take a few days to get used to the cool tingling sensation

Tame The Beast Nutt Butter – Buying Guide

Choosing the best butter for balls can be tricky if you have no idea what your balls need. Some products are suitable for particular problems – such as dryness or chafing balls, while others are suitable for overall maintenance and care. The Tame the Beast nutt butter comes in a few different varieties and will work wonders regardless of the situation. But then, which one is the best?

Personal necessities

Your necessities will dictate the best Tame the Beast nutt butter for you. For example, the classic release is suitable for care and maintenance. It will combat and prevent light problems, like chaffing balls, redness, or dryness. Moreover, it will maintain your balls smooth and odor-free – simply put, it is suitable for most men out there.

The Nutt Butter Extreme

 The extreme version is better for those who require more than just simple care and maintenance. If your chaffing problems are quite severe and it feels like it may take forever to get rid of them, the extreme version will most likely rush the process. The formula is stronger, so it requires testing on a small patch of skin first – making sure there are no irritations.

 If your balls tend to sweat a lot during the summertime and the wetness and friction lead to a bunch of different problems, the blue nutt butter might be just what you need. Not only does it maintain your balls smooth and healthy, but it also prevents wetness and can offer a cool soothing effect – a bit of a tingling sensation as well.

Nutt Butter Blue

The blue variety of the nutt butter is also suitable for other areas that may experience similar problems. For example, men – just like women – may have issues around the balls too. The inner parts of their thighs often rub against each other, leading to serious discomfort and redness. Massage those areas too and such problems will become history.

Key Points To Take On Board

Type of skin

 Generally speaking, the type of skin should also give you some hints about what kind of butter to expect. Some butter are thicker than others. A thick lotion will take longer to dry, but it may also find it a bit difficult to penetrate the skin – in other words, absorption might be a bit of an issue, leading to excessive moisture and sticky balls.

The original butter is slightly heavier than the extreme one or the blue version. It will not necessarily affect the absorption though. However, should you look for different brands too, you should know that lighter butter is mostly recommended for oily skin. No matter what type of skin you have, make sure you clean the area and dry it before applying the butter.


You do not want a lotion or butter for your balls, another one for your chest, one more for your neck, and an extra cream for your arms. It is not what guys do and it makes grooming feel like an impossible task. Instead, you want a bit of versatility. The good news is that if something is good enough for the sensitive skin around your balls, it will be just as good for other parts of the body.

 For instance, the nutt butter from Tame the Beast is great for the chest, back, thighs, and so on.

Tame The Beast Nutt Butter -Conclusion

Bottom line, the Tame the Beast nutt butter represents that one-stop solution that every man has always wanted. The nutt butter will help you overcome all the classic problems associated with testicles, from dryness and itchy sensations to bad odors, chaffing balls, and dryness. Choose the right variety and you will become a different man overnight.​

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