Ultimate Groin Hair Trimmer From Telfun

Telfun – Groin Hair Trimmer


Groin Hair TrimmerSoft Ceramic Blades for Easy Shave, Trim, and Style

With Advanced SkinSafe Technology used in this Men’s Body Groin Hair Trimmer, you’ll be able to experience the best in terms of comfort and convenience for body grooming. It features Soft Ceramic Blades to shave quickly, trim, clean, and style all aspects of your body as you wish, including the underarms, face, back, hips, groin, arms, and stomach and. Cutting the hedges would make the tree appear more significant and more reliable! This Men’s Trimmer would give you the maximum versatility with accuracy so that you have a stylish trimming. It offers you a beautiful, even cut with less clutter, and you can be comfortable every day.



Water-proof, Rust-proof and Cordless USB Dock for Rapid Charging

This Men’s Body Hair Trimmer is cordless, is also water-proof. Therefore, it can be powered to the fullest with ease using its fast-charging USB port. Additionally, for grooming and sharpness, the body groomer includes rust-proof, ceramic snap-in blades.


Guide Comb for Adjustable Hair Length Cut using Micro Shaver

It also comes with a guidance comb suitable for various lengths of hair cutting. Whatever length you pick, you would be able to cut in the desired haircut using Micro Shaver, and eventually, you’ll be even more confident when you’ll get an even split with this Men’s Trimmer.


Best Easy Guidance in Trimmer Usage and Battery Charging

To get the best performance and more prolonged use, you need to charge The Trimmer, until its initial application fully. It is going to take about three hours. The device would show red when loading. It’ll switch to green when it’s ready to go. You have to pop the blade into the slot before you hear a sound.

Then you need to choose your preferred length of the hair using its corresponding comb guide. Attach the comb and slide into places by aligning the sides of the grooming length using the grooves that are placed on the underside of the comb attachment. To turn the trimmer on, press the on / off button. And you are ready to go!


Easy Cleaning both in Shower and Dry Conditions

This completely water-proof Men’s Body And Groin Hair Trimmer is designed for upgraded-level trimming ease. You can comfortably use it in any dry conditions or the shower. Moreover, it’s 100% cleanly washable by quick under-tap washing in seconds.


Best Technical Support, Battery Lifetime, and Free Warranty

By purchasing Telfun Groin Hair Trimmer , you can have Two-Years free warranty and Lifelong Technological Assistance and battery life warranty. Telfun will give full Money Back, and it’s 100% guaranteed, free refund or substitution service. When you have any issues regarding washing, repairing, moving, etc., you can email instantly, and they will provide you with a prompt solution.


Telfun Groin Hair Trimmer – Key Features

– Irritation-free trimming on sensitive skin

– Easily washable by simply rinsing the blades and combs

– Precision grooming in both curled or straight lines and edges

– The ceramic snap-in blades of the trimmer would never crack, neither dull nor rust

– The ceramic blades are replaceable



Telfun Ultimate Groin Hair Trimmer

Ultimate Groin Hair Trimmer From Telfun
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