Dry Skin Under Beard: Causes and Treatment

Growing a beard does not end when you have enough facial hair. Instead, maintaining the beard even after it is full-grown is an ongoing process.

Almost everyone can grow a beard, given time and care. However, very few can sport it for long.

Dry skin under beard can hinder many people from growing and maintaining a beard. And if you are in a similar dilemma, this article is here to throw light on the causes and treatment of dry skin under the beard.

Can the Skin Under the Beard Become Dry?

Like itchy dandruff and a dry scalp on the head, the skin under the beard can develop similar complications.

The hair follicles on the head and the body allow sebum to travel to the outermost layer of the skin. If there is insufficient sebum, then the skin can dry. Plus, internal and external factors can cause the skin to dehydrate and peel off.

Dry skin is also an early symptom of beard dandruff. Therefore, it is crucial to treat the condition before it gets worse. If the dry skin is not treated early, it can lead to severe itchiness, irritation, inflammation, red skin, and even bleeding.

So, yes. The skin under your beard can become dry. But the good news is, there are simple and affordable treatments available.

Dry Skin Under Beard: Causes and Treatment

 Dry Skin Under Beard – Causes

Poor Health and hygiene

Lack of proper diet, exercise, and clean hygiene is one of the most common causes of dry skin under the beard.

Your body requires nutrients and regular exercise for making sure the skin is healthy and hydrated. They are also responsible for the production of testosterone, and a good level of testosterone can benefit the condition of the beard.

Lack of proper grooming does not affect only the appearance of the beard.

Rather, it can also affect the health and skin condition of the beard. Therefore, keeping the beard clean and regularly combing it can help you avoid dry skin.

Harsh products

It is common to think that men are low maintenance. But this belief should not stop you from checking the products you use on your skin. A recent study found that most commercial soap bars and hair products contain high pH levels.

When these harsh products interact with the skin, it increases the pH value of your skin. And this, in turn, causes the skin to crack and lose its moisture. Some common symptoms, in this case, would include- itchy, irritated, and peeling skin.

Many dermatologists also warn about the harmful impact of harsh skin and hair products. And during appointments, it is common to find them emphasizing the need for using mild products for the skin. So, take the experts’ advice, and avoid soap bars and shampoos with pH values above 6%.

Low temperature

During the winter months, the skin on the hands and legs get dry and flaky. And if it is left unattended, it causes itching and irritation. It is a reason why moisturizers play a vital role during cold days. Therefore, when the temperature decreases, even the skin under your beard loses its shine.

To avoid dry skin during winter, make sure the skin under your beard is also moisturized.

Genetic factors

The causes mentioned above are all caused by external factors. However, dry skin under the beard can also be caused by internal factors like genetics.

If your parents had diabetes, then it is likely that you will also suffer from a similar health condition. Likewise, dry skin is also a condition that can pass down to the family members. Speaking about diabetes, did you know that your sugar level can also determine your skin condition? Therefore, it is important to regulate the body glucose as well.

A common example of dry skin caused by genetic factors is the xerosis caused by filaggrin gene variation. The filaggrin gene helps hydrate and protect the outermost layer of the skin by producing the filaggrin protein. However, in the case of gene variation, the production of filaggrin reduces. And when the epidermis (outer layer skin) does not receive the protein, it will begin to dry and wrinkle. A 2009 study also highlights the role of filaggrin on skin maintenance. The researchers mention how the skin can dry and crack when there is a gene mutation.

Hence, genetic factors could also be a possible explanation for the dry skin under your beard.

Dry Skin Under Beard - Treatment

Dry Skin Under Beard – Treatment

The treatment for dry skin under the beard can usually be done at home with simple tools and a change of certain habits. Unlike most skin complications, you can cure dry skin with less expensive treatments.


Skincare is not gender-based.

It is for everyone. So, make sure you give your beard and your body the skincare they need.

The skincare procedure will include regular exfoliating and massaging the skin under your beard.

When choosing moisturizing creams, make sure you pick products that have water-retaining properties. Avoid creams that include glycerin, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are commonly found in moisturizers for their hydrating qualities.

However, they can be notorious for leaving the skin with less water content. Therefore, opt for moisturizers that contain natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, etc.

Wash your beard sparingly

Washing your beard every day can do more harm than good.

It can drastically affect the production of sebum from your skin. So, daily washing can cause and worsen the dry skin under the beard. Therefore, allocate two days a week for cleansing your beard.

Use lukewarm water

Taking hot steams for opening the pores of your skin to open is useful. However, avoid contacting the skin under your beard with hot water because it can cause a huge loss of natural oil.

Using cold water is also not ideal as it tightens the pores and does not allow proper cleaning of the beard. Dirt can still be left within the hair follicles.

Hence using lukewarm water is the best. It is the perfect water temperature for opening the skin pores and making sure not to strip away the sebum. It allows the beard and the underlying skin to be cleaned thoroughly.

Use beard oil

When the skin is dry, it is usually because your skin is unable to produce natural oil. Hence, treating dry skin with beard oil is one of the most effective methods of countering the skin issue.

It acts as a moisturizer and keeps the skin nourished.

There are different types of beard oil available in the market. For your dry skin, you can choose moisturizing oil, which is rich in nutrients. Furthermore, it is advisable to buy unscented beard oil as it is more likely to have fewer additives and allergens. And before you make a purchase, it would be best to consider the brand reputation and the product ingredients.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you should utilize the oil. However, avoid using the oil more than twice a day. In the case of a short beard with thin hair, applying the oil once in two days will suffice.

Make the most out of the beard oil by following a routine or effective pattern of using the oil.

Comb your beard regularly

You know the benefits of combing your hair. Similarly, even combing the beard is necessary for keeping it healthy.

It makes sure the natural oil travels from the root to the tip. The combing can also massage the face and thereby allow the proper circulation of blood in the face.

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Do I Need to See a Dermatologist?

Oftentimes, there is no need to seek medical help. The remedies mentioned above can produce effective results even if you do it by yourself in the comfort of your home. However, there are times when internal factors can cause dry skin. In such instances, getting a medical opinion will be beneficial.

You can also get an appointment with the dermatologist if the home remedies don’t work for over two weeks.

Points to Remember

  • Proper diet, exercise, and grooming are required to grow and maintain a healthy beard.
  • Both internal and external factors can cause dry skin under the beard. Therefore, if your dry skin is persistent, then you may even need medical help.
  • Remember, consistency is key. So, make sure to follow the treatment procedure even after getting rid of the dry skin. The beard must be cleaned and maintained to look and feel healthy.
  • Do not overdo any treatment. For instance, if you exfoliate too much or comb your beard often, it can cause more damage. Therefore, keeping a balance is necessary.
  • Check the products before you use them on your skin and hair. It is crucial to make sure they are skin-friendly.
  • The sebum, which is the natural oil produced by the body, is responsible for keeping the epidermis hydrated and healthy. Therefore, put effort into maintaining the natural oil. And avoid any products or grooming habits that threaten the production of sebum.

Dry Skin Under Beard vs Beard Fungus

Beard fungus is a condition in which the beard area around the mouth and chin gets infected with fungi. Often the infections lead to redness and itching of the skin, pimples, and whiteheads. Sometimes it can even cause scarring on your face if not treated right away. In this case, consulting a dermatologist would be beneficial as they can properly guide you through the treatment procedure.

Dry skin under the beard is a condition in which the skin gets dry and flaky under your beard. It is a result of dehydration or lack of moisture in the skin cells. You can use some simple home remedies to treat this problem.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping a beard is not simply an act of grooming. It is important to take care of it by keeping the skin healthy underneath the hair strands.

The list mentioned above contains some home remedies that can tackle dry skin under your beard. And if you are looking for added benefits, then use them with a proper diet and exercise daily.

The above advice is for educational purposes only, and it is always best to discuss any concerns with a medical professional

Dry Skin Under Bead FAQ’s

Should you exfoliate the skin under the beard?

Exfoliating skin is beneficial, but you should do it in moderation. It will help the pores to open up and thereby allow for better penetration of products. However, if done too often, then the skin can get irritated and may even dry out more than usual.

Is beard dandruff a thing?

Yes, beard dandruff is a thing. Just as with your head or body hair, the beard can also experience dandruff. Beard dandruff is more commonly known as “scurf” and it appears due to dead skin cells.

What do you use to moisturize the skin under your beard?

For moisturizing skin under the beard, you should look for products that contain natural oils like coconut oil. Apply it directly on your skin to see quick results.

Is dry skin under beard itchy?

Dry, flaky skin tends to feel itchy as the pores become irritated and inflamed. However, if you see redness and swelling as well apart from itching, then you must seek medical advice.


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