Beard Oil vs Beard Butter – Is There A Difference?

Men have expressed themselves with their beards throughout history. Men in the Mesopotamian kingdoms 6000 years ago maintained extravagant beards. The higher in society the man was the longer and more styled his beard.

Beards have come and gone in fashion and are now back in style, increasing in popularity. But with a great beard comes great responsibility. Not fighting crime, but caring for your beard. Beards that are left to grow wild will soon look like an unkempt garden.

Fortunately, there are a lot of products available for the modern bearded man. From Butters to balms, oils to lotions, men need a bit of guidance to determine which product suits them best. For now, let’s discuss beard oil and beard butter.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is precisely what it sounds like: Oils that will make your beard healthy and lush. Beard oils are commonly produced by adding one or more essential oils to carrier oil. Some common oils used for beard care are these:

  • Argan
  • Jojoba
  • Coconut
  • Saffron
  • Almond
  • Avocado

These oils are all-natural and fantastic for beards and hair. A small amount of essential oil is mixed with the carrier, such as bay laurel, clove, lavender, and tea tree.

Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Beards can cause the skin underneath them to dry up due to a lack of oils. We remove natural oils from hair and skin with every shower, so we must replace them. Keeping the skin underneath the beard moisturized will prevent flaky skin and itchiness.

Beard oil softens the hair and keeps it from going brittle. This is particularly important for longer beards, as your natural oils will not be enough to keep all that hair lush.

Beard oil improves the appearance and smell of your beard. It will make your beard shiny and soft, and the scent is a bonus.

What Is Beard Butter?

While we have used oils in our hair and beards for millennia, beard butter is modern. It essentially contains the same ingredients as beard oils but with added butter like shea, cocoa, or mango.

Beard butter is similar to beard balm, the difference being wax content. Balms are used more for styling, as they contain wax to provide hold. Beard butter can be used for styling, some formulas are better for it than others.

Overall, beard butter is often used more like a conditioner to keep moisture in the beard. Many men prefer to use it after showers and before sleep.

Benefits of Using Beard Butter

Beards require just as much if not more care than hair. Many men give up on growing a beard because they don’t know how to properly maintain it. Beard butter is a very healthy and valuable tool for grooming and maintaining facial hair. Here are some benefits that it provides:

  • Moisturizes skin and hair
  • Makes beard soft and shiny
  • Seals in moisture to keep beard soft
  • Protects hair and skin from cold and heat
  • Helps to repair damaged hair

Beard butter also has all the benefits of beard oil since it contains the same ingredients. However, beard butter will lock in the oils into your beard and keep it shiny for longer.

How to Apply Beard Oil and Beard Butter

Cultivating a daily routine is essential to maintaining your beard. Hair is constantly exposed to the weather and dirt, and it will become unkempt every time you sleep. A morning routine will not take long once you are accustomed to it, and adding an evening routine will help even more.

Here’s an example of a morning routine:

  • Rinse your beard out with warm water. Unless necessary, do not use shampoo more than one or two times a week. Towel-dry lightly.
  • Apply a few drops of beard oil into your hand, and then work it into your skin beneath the beard.
  • Using the same method, apply the oil to your beard hairs a few drops at a time. Don’t use too much, and let it rest for a few minutes after this. (Skip step if using beard butter)
  • Gently comb your beard to work out any knots. Start from the lower part and work higher. A wooden comb is better than plastic.
  • Use a hairdryer on mid-high heat and a beard brush to straighten things out. (this is for longer beards)
  • Rub a little beard butter into your hands, then apply to beard by gently running your hands through it. Style and shape your beard at this step. (Skip step if using beard oil in beard)

Beard Oil vs Beard Butter – Which One Should You Use?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question. You will need to experiment and see which product works with your hair and skin type as well as beard style (long or short). Beard butter is usually preferred by those who like styling their beards.

If you do not want to shape your beard at all, beard oil will be a better choice as it contains no waxes. Beard butter is perfect for those who want to define or style their beards – otherwise, beard oil – and plenty of water – is all you need.

Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter  (Closing Thoughts)

Beard oil and beard butter are both beneficial for grooming. You can use either or both for great results. Many men prefer oil for moisturizing skin and butter for beard hairs. Either way, you should see what works best for you by experimenting with different products. Happy styling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use both beard oil and butter?

For some men, using both will give the best results. If you are one of those men, use beard oil first to moisturize your skin and then apply beard butter with a light hand for styling purposes later on.

How often should I apply beard oil and butter?

This depends on how your hair responds to each product. If your beard feels dry after using either one of them, you need to use it more frequently. A healthy amount of moisture will prevent flaking or itching.

What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Beard balm is essentially a blend of butter and waxes, so it will leave your beard looking styled. Beard oil contains oils as its main ingredient, so it leaves beard hairs smooth and with a healthy shine.

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