Is a Beard Brush Worth It? (3 Affordable Suggestions)

If you are a beard grooming enthusiast, you should have already heard about beard brushes. Is a beard brush worth it? Should you buy one for yourself? There might be a lot of thoughts in your mind about whether or not you ought to give it a try if you have never used it before. Facial hair upkeep is an important part of your grooming routine, and you should pay attention to it.

Is A Beard Brush Worth It?

Yes, a beard brush is worth it if you are looking for neat and healthier facial hair. The difference between the product you select is simply whether or not you are prepared to spend a little extra. In this article, We have 3 suggestions for beard brushes that are priced under 20.

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Benefits of using a beard brush

There are many benefits to using a beard brush. A beard brush helps keep your beard hair and skin healthy by removing dirt and oils from the beard. It also helps distribute natural oils evenly throughout the beard, which helps keep it soft and shiny.

We have outlined a few benefits below:

Tame your beard

One of the best benefits that you will be getting from a beard brush is that you can tame your beard hair. If you happen to have grizzly and frizzy hair, it can be quite a problem for your beard. The beard brush is going to help you untangle your beard while making sure that it is still in style so that you will have no problems with your appearance at all.

Stimulate hair growth

You also need to consider that your hair follicles need some stimulation to better the blood flow of your body. Sometimes, when you brush, your blood would rush to your skin’s surface, and thus when the nutrients and oxygen are able to go to your hair follicle. This can easily promote the growth of your hair which might be something that you want to get. Brushing also helps to remove the dead skin cells on your skin to prevent any dandruff.

Improve overall beard appearance

Without a doubt, it helps to improve beard appearance. You want to make sure that before you get out of the house, you are going to look as good as possible, and this also means making sure that your beard also looks good. Brushing your hair is a good way to make sure that you can improve how you look. When you look good, you will also feel more comfortable with yourself.

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Do Beard Brushes work

You might be asking yourself if brushing your beard works, and the thing is that it should easily be part of your beard maintenance routine. It is something that can easily remove the dirt from your beard so that it stays as clean as possible. It also helps with the exfoliation and stimulation of natural oils from your skin. Overall, it works wonders so that you can improve your appearance and keep your skin healthy as well.

Why do you need one?

A brush can help you out and give you all of the benefits mentioned above, and that is easily a good reason for you to give it a try. You will be having a better and fuller look for your beard while at the same time keeping it as neat as possible. Having a beard brush allows you to grow your beard the way that you want to and improve your overall health, which is something you should keep.

What type of brush do you need?

There are a lot of different beard brushes that you can try out, and finding the best one that works for you would be great. You need to consider a lot of things when it comes to that. You want to make sure that you get something that suits your beard and the condition of your skin.

3 Of The Best Beard Brushes to Choose From

There are a lot of beard brushes that you can select from, and that is why you need to consider things out. You ought to give things a try, and the best brushes out there will help you figure out how you can maintain your beard. Below are some of the best ones that you might want to check out.

Diane Original military brush

This is a cheap brush that is made of genuine boar bristles and comes with a glossy wood finish so that you can use it well with your beard. It is going to give you a good time and will easily help you maintain it.

Beard Brush By Zilberhaar

Another beard brush that you might want to try would be the ones from Zilberhaar, which is a good brand for beard brushes. It comes with a good length of bristle that is easy to use and can easily tame your hair. The product never disappoints, and it will help you to maintain the health of your hair as well, so you ought to check it out.

Can you handlebar Beard Brush

This is a good brand to try out if you want a beard brush that you can bring with you anywhere. It would be good to have one handy so that you can easily use it when you are out and make sure that your beard looks as good as possible. If you are looking into touching up your beard from time to time, this is the right solution for you.


Overall,  A beard brush is most definitely worth it.  There are a lot of different beard brushes out there, and you are sure to find the right one for you.

When using the right one, you will easily notice all the differences and feel all the benefits that you can get from it.

Give it a try, you will not be disappointing. 


How often should I use one?

Well, this would depend on how often you are willing to groom your beard. If you are using one every day already then you can use it even more than that, so you can do it twice or three times per day if needed. This is not advised since too much grooming could lead to dry skin and a beard that gets brittle. You will be able to tell how often you need to groom your beard once you figure out which one works for you.

How should I clean it?

You can easily clean them with water and some soap. If you allow your brush to dry out completely after every wash, the bristles will not get damaged or fall off easily. You can also use something like baby shampoo which is milder, so it’s good for beards.

What length of bristles is best?

This would depend on how long your beard is. If you have a short beard, then it would be good to get something that has shorter bristles so you can easily use it. You will know what length of bristle works for you once you get used to using the brush regularly. It’s not hard to use one, but the more you do it, the easier and quicker you will get at it.

Which type of material is best for bristles?

You can find ones that have synthetic bristles and some that have natural bristle like boar. Now while both types are good your beard might react to one better than the other. It’s best to keep an eye on your beard and see how it reacts to the bristles that you are using. This way you will be able to tell if your hair is healthy or not, so you can easily figure out which one works for you.

What type of handle do I need?

We prefer a wooden handle beard brush however, you want to make sure that you get a handle that is easy to use for your grip. Some brands offer ergonomic handles, so they are perfect if your hand gets tired after grooming the rest of the body.

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