The Best Ball Shaver | The Manscaped 4.0 | Updated For 2022

The Best Ball Shaver – The Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0

Are you looking for the best ball shaver on the market? Chances are you’ve seen your favorite influencers and podcasters promote the “Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0” advertised all over social media and YouTube.

So, does this device live up to the hype? Should you purchase the Lawnmower 4.0 for your below-the-belt grooming activities? This review unpacks everything you need to know about this class-leading device’s design, performance, and value.

Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 – Design and Performance

Manscaped offers you some impressive trimmers, and the Lawnmower 4.0 is the brand’s latest release to its range. The Lawnmower 4.0 comes with an attractive design. The hexagonal body of the machine features a waist, allowing for easy grip, and there’s a battery-life indicator and a power button on the top of the device.

The cutting head features ceramic, self-sharpening blades providing long service life, and the blades are simple to remove, with Manscaped offering affordable replacements. The LED light and a charging dock are excellent additions to this package, giving you everything you need in a trimmer for your package.

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What is the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 Like to Use?

The Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 lives up to the hype we’ve seen about this device on social media. You get the best trimmer available for “down there,” with ceramic blades featuring the Manscaped “Advanced SkinSafe Technology.” The result is the closest shave possible, without any nicks or cuts, keeping your sack intact.

The cordless operation of this machine is fantastic, and the powerful motor makes “short” work of the hair around the groin, under the armpits, the chest, legs, and arms. It’s also suitable for line work on your beard, and the included guards with the razor allow trimming of your beard to length, and it’s also ideal for cutting the sides of your scalp and hairline.

The Manscaped runs surprisingly quiet, so no one will hear you trimming away down there. We love the USB wireless charging dock included with your purchase. Slot the Lawnmower 4.0 into the dock, and the indicator light lets you know it’s charging. The class-leading battery life with this trimmer gives you up to 90-minutes of shaving time between charges.

The Lawnmower 4.0 gets some significant upgrades to the 3.0 model. The 4.0 offers you full waterproofing, and you can take it into the shower to shave. The LED light also makes it easy to get a view of those hard-to-reach areas when you’re in the low-light of the shower.

Overall, you can’t beat the professional finish from the Lawnmower 4.0, and we give manscaped the coveted title of the best ball shaver available.

The Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 – What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Excellent industry reputation.
  • 4th-generation trimmer with impressive upgrades over the Lawnmower 3.0.
  • IPX7 waterproof rating for use in the shower.
  • The skin-safe design prevents snicks and cuts while shaving.
  • LED light for use in low-light conditions.
  • Silent motor pushing out 7,000-rpm.
  • Charging dock included.


  • Somewhat expensive.

Is the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 Good Value for Money?

The Manscaped brand advertises aggressively online, using influencers to promote their products on social media and YouTube. The updated Lawnmower 4.0 brings waterproofing to the device and an improved LED light over the 3.0. Model.

 The performance of the Lawnmower 4.0 is fantastic, and you get a close shave with no nicks or cuts, keeping your package safe. While it’s not the cheapest razor in the category, it’s still a high-performance machine with an excellent market reputation and thousands of 5-star reviews.

The Best Ball Shaver – The Verdict

We think that the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 is the best machine in its category. The Trimmer by Meridian would be the closest machine to this device. Both the Meridian and the Lawnmower 4.0 offer you excellent performance for a similar price.

However, with the Lawnmower 4.0, you get extra options like the LED light and a charging dock. We feel that the Lawnmower 4.0 should be the top choice for any man or woman looking for the best shaver for the groin area.

The Best Ball Shaver FAQ

Q: Is the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 waterproof?

A: Yes, the Manscaped 4.0 gets an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in the shower. The previous model was not waterproof, and this IPX7 rating is a welcome improvement on the Lawnmower 4.0.

Q: Does the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 comes with a 12-month warranty on your purchase. Return it to Manscaped if you have any issues, and they’ll either repair or replace the unit.

Q: Why choose the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 over other ball trimmers?

A: The Manscaped 4.0 offers you the pinnacle of groin trimmers. You get a waterproof rating for use in the shower, a charging dock, and the best performance from any leading manufacturing brand. Put it to the test and see the difference for yourself.

Q. Does the lawnmower cut skin?

A. No, The manscape 4.0 is designed to offer a closer trim without cutting skin.

Q. How long does the lawnmower last?

A. Around 90 minutes on a full charge.

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