Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus – Body Groomer

Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Body Groomer

Mangroomer Lithium Max 

The first that you will notice while Unboxing the new Mangroomer  Lithium Max plus body groomer and shaver is the premium build.

The body is visual and structurally high quality. As the tradition goes for any Mangroomer product, the packaging is ‘loud.’ It will undoubtedly grab your attention, and it is one of the most like aspects of the overall product among existing customers.

You will find all the relevant information on the box, which is something that we appreciate- their straightforward approach. The primary Mangroomer device comes with its signature charging port along with the connector plug.

You will find a new foil head, ointment, and brush for shaving purposes. The product manual is comprehensive with a ‘lot of information,’ so you will surely not be missing out on anything in the product.

Build quality that you demand

The product feels great when you hold with a rubber grip on it. You have a top part on the device for shaving, and the bottom is for trimming, which is another noteworthy factor – the all-in-one factor. This grooming device by Mangroomer is a wet and dry product; all our reader who enjoys multitasking- shaving and showering at the same time, will love this product.

Why We Love Mangroomer  Lithium Max plus body groomer

The most significant selling point of this product is its Lithium Battery entailing a longer battery life. The button on the front of the product has different lighting colors indicating the groomer’s status. For instance, if it is red, you need to charge it, and if it is green, you are ready for another painless and flawless shave.

How Does it Look?

Both the power buttons for the trimmer and the shaver are placed neatly above one another. The only drawback we noticed was that the button placement is a bit congested, so it might accidentally turn on the trimmer while switching off the shaver and vice versa. That is certainly not much of a push back, with a bit of hand dexterity. The opinions on the design are surely not as black and white.

How Does It Work?

The Mangroomer shaver pivots to either side as well as backward and forward. You can easily remove the foil head for cleaning purposes. The motions are satisfying and smooth. The hypoallergenic foil and blades are curated for a sensitive skin, which allows it to glide over your skin without causing any skin irritation gently.

As for the Mangroomer trimmer, you have eight different settings, starting from one up until 8, depending on your wish.

You pull the trimmer head all the way out for cleaning purposes when you choose a setting the trimmer locks into the body of the trimmer. You can use this product to manscape several regions, including the armpits, chest, stomach, groin, shoulders, legs, arms, etc.

With the new Mangroomer  Lithium Max plus body groomer, your shaving nightmares of cutting or nicking will be busted. The operations from this device are butter smooth, and your skin will remain intact after the first shave or the fiftieth.

The Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus is a high-quality product made for the next generation shaving experience.

Key Features 

  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • All in one action
  • High-quality build
  • Great grip
  • Smooth and accurate blades and foil
  • Many different settings for the trimmer
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

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