How To Cut Curly Hair (The Best Guide For Men In 2022)

How To Cut Curly Hair – A Complete Beginners Guide For Men

If you’re a man with curly hair, you know that it can be a bit of a challenge to style. But with the right tips and techniques, it’s easy to create a look that’s both stylish and flattering. In this guide, we’ll show you how to cut curly hair like a pro. So whether you’re looking for a new style or just want to make sure your current style is in line with the latest trends, keep reading for some valuable advice.

The key to cutting curly hair is to understand the natural shape of your curls. Every head of curly hair is different, so you’ll need to take into account the thickness, texture, and overall shape of your curls when creating your style. If you’re not sure what type of curl you have, ask your stylist for help. They’ll examine your hair and determine the type of curly hair you have.

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Use The Right Tools

One of the most important things to keep in mind when cutting curly hair is that you need to use the right tools. Curly hair is more prone to frizz, so you’ll need to use sharp blades and quality scissors to avoid snipping off too much hair. You’ll also want to make sure you have a good quality hairdryer and a wide-tooth comb on hand.

Using A Trimmer

Only use a trimmer on the sides, never on the top of your head. If you’re looking to tame your curls or create a more polished look, using a trimmer can be a great way to achieve this. Trimming your hair around the ears and the back of your neck will help give your hair a neater appearance. Just be sure not to go too short, as this can make your curls look frizzy and unnatural.

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How To cut Curly Hair For Men – Step By Step Guide

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn how to cut curly hair like a pro. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cut curly hair for men:

  • Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. This will help remove any excess oils or dirt and will give your hair a clean foundation to work with.
  • Next, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. This will help prevent any snipping accidents later on.
  • Now it’s time to start cutting! Begin by sectioning off your hair into manageable chunks. If you have a lot of curly hair, you may want to ask your stylist to help you with this.
  • Start by cutting the hair around your ears and the back of your neck. This will give your hair a more polished appearance. You can use a razor to do this with a Grade 3 Or 2 Comb. Of course, if you want to, you can go for a skin fade style which will require starting with a Grade 1 or 0.5 on the sides.
  • Next, use sharp scissors to cut your curls in their natural shape. Be careful not to cut off too much hair, as this can lead to frizziness.
  • Finally, use a hairdryer and a diffuser to style your hair. This will help tame any frizzy curls and give your hair a more polished appearance.


how to take care of curly hair

Key Points to Remember When cutting men’s Curly Hair:

  • Going shorter on the sides and longer on top is a great hairstyle for men with curly hair
  • Never use a trimmer or thinning scissors for the top part of your hair, this makes the curls go frizzy and lose their defined curly look.
  • To cut the top, slightly wet the top and use a sharp pair of scissors. Guide longer hair through your fingers, trim the longer parts with the scissors. You can also snip off any excess curls that are sticking up.
  • To blend in the sides, use a trimmer and a comb. Guide the hair through the comb and gently trim off and excess hairs.
  • Remember you do not have to cut off much hair to notice a big difference.

How To Cut Curly Hair If You Are Balding

Balding men with curly hair have a great advantage as curly hair can be grown longer and sits better to hide any bald spots on the head, especially if you are balding at the front.

Top Tips For Curly Haired Men That Are Going Bald At The Front

  • Go short on the sides and allow the top to grow longer, this is a great hairstyle and looks good on men who are balding at the front.
  • Let the front of your hair be a little longer at the front and cut back at the crown slightly shorter. This will give the impression of a thicker head of hair.
  • Keep your hair well-conditioned and dry only with a cotton cloth or hairdryer on cold.

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Men With Curly Hair: Choosing The Right Hair Products

To get the best results from your cut, it’s a good idea to invest in a few quality hair products. Start by choosing a shampoo and conditioner that’ll help keep your curls healthy and hydrated. You should also find a quality leave-in conditioner that will add moisture and help to control frizz.

Benefits of Using Conditioner on Curly Hair

Conditioner will make your hair stronger and easier to manage, this is because conditioner contains oils that help keep the hair follicles healthy.

Conditioner will also make your curls more defined when it dries, this is especially important for men with shorter curly haircuts.

Don’t overdo it when applying conditioner though, you only need a couple of tablespoons to get the benefits from it.

Men With Curly Hair: How To Style Your Curls

Once you’ve got your hair cut and styled, it’s important to know how to maintain your look. The best way to style curly hair is to let it air dry as much as possible. If you need to use a hairdryer, be sure to use the low or cool setting to avoid frizziness. You can also use a diffuser to help tame any unruly curls. When it comes to products, a light serum or oil can be used to add shine and control frizz. By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your curly hair looking its best!

The Best Product For Men’s Curly Hair

Mousse is a styling product that’ll give your hair more volume and will help keep your curls in shape. Start by applying a small amount of mousse to your damp, towel-dried hair. Use an old toothbrush to help distribute the mousse evenly through your hair.

Once your hair is dry, you can add more mousse if needed. Start by applying it to the roots of your hair and then work it through to the ends. This will help give your hair some extra hold and definition.

Final Tips For Styling Men’s Curly Hair

The main thing to remember when styling curly hair is that you don’t want to use too many products on your hair, especially if it’s very short. As curly hair tends to look more unkempt than straight hair, men with curly hair should avoid using strong hold gels or pomades as they’ll only make your hair look greasy.

A good product to use for styling curly hair is a light-hold styling cream. Apply it to your dry hair and then style as you normally would. This will help keep your curls in place without making them look greasy or heavy.

If you have long curly hair, you can try using a hairdryer, but always turn it on at a low heat setting. This will help to define your curls and add some volume without making them look frizzy or damaged.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that curly hair can be a bit of a challenge to style. But with the right tools and techniques, you can easily cut and style your curls into a look that’s perfect for you. So don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the style that works best for you. With a little effort, you’ll have the curly hair you’ve always wanted in no time!

Cutting Men’s Curly Hair FAQ:

What is the best way to cut curly hair?

The best way to cut and style men’s curly hair is by creating a gradual blend from the top down. The top part should be longer and gradually shorter towards the back. This will create a more natural look, with thickness towards the root of the hair.

How often should you cut curly hair?

It’s best to get a cut every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair looking fresh. If you are letting your hair grow longer, every 12-14 weeks is needed.

Is it worth getting haircuts by professionals or can I do it myself?

Haircuts done by professionals look far better than doing it yourself. Curly hair requires a lot of knowledge from the stylist to keep your hair looking great. There are many haircuts that men with curly hair should avoid, so unless you know what to do ask a professional for a cut.

What is better – short or long curly hair?

Longer curly hair looks good on all men. When the hair is longer it gives more volume, which adds to the attractiveness of men with curly hair.

How long does cutting curly locks last?

It will depend on your hair growth rate and cut style, but typically a new style should be done every 4-6 weeks at the barber or stylist. After this time, your hair may look shaggy or out of style.

What type of hair products should I use?

Start by using a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for curly hair. You should also invest in a quality leave-in conditioner to add moisture and help control frizz. When it comes to styling products, try using a light serum or oil to give your hair a glow.

What hairstyles should I try for my curly hair?

Styles, such as fade haircuts and undercuts are ideal for men with wavy or curly hair. These styles take add volume that curly-haired people crave. Also go for longer hair up top, which will give you a stylish look.

Can I still have curly hair when it is short?

Yes, but your natural curls will be much more difficult to see in shorter hair. Short curly hairstyles are often paired with faded sides for a cool, easy to manage style. The idea behind this cut is that the hair on top should be longer than the hair on the sides. This will help to create more volume and a more natural look.

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