How To Trim Armpit Hair | A Complete Guide For Men

Learn how to trim armpit hair with this overview guide!

Start by exfoliating the underarms, and then confirm that you have a good razor with sharp blades. Pick the right comb length, and then trim armpit hair in the shower. Do this gently as you move in different directions. Ensure you use shaving gel and rinse the blades often. Once you are done shaving, rinse the armpits, dry them then apply an aftershave balm. This is how to trim armpit hair men.

As you think about shaving your beard and head, you should also find some time to work on the armpit hair. Armpit hair does not look appealing, especially when it is long. Before you start trimming armpit hair, you should learn the proper technique to do it to avoid hurting this sensitive area. Read on!

Why you should trim armpit hair

Some men trim their armpit hair for aesthetics, while some do it due to athletic reasons. Rather than shaving your underarms completely, experts recommend trimming them. Trimming armpit hair can make you look good and prevent you from smelling.

Long armpit hair can make you feel itchy and uncomfortable. This can also make you sweat more even when you don’t engage in lots of physical activity. When you let too much hair grow on your armpits, it can start collecting and retaining certain bacteria that lead to a bad odor.

Even if you use a strong deodorant, you may not be able to get rid of the smell as long as you have long armpit hair. Trimming your armpit hair is important since it can make you smell better, appear neat, and sweat less. It can also minimize deodorant clumping and make you feel cooler.

How to trim armpit hair men

Most well-groomed men have a certain underarm routine that they follow from time to time. For you to trim armpit hair, you should follow the steps below.

Exfoliate the underarms

You can use an exfoliating body scrub to get rid of bacteria and dead skin cells on your armpits. Exfoliating also helps you eliminate any deodorant gunk on this area. Doing this before you start trimming the armpit hair can help you achieve a smooth shave and prevent you from skin irritation.

Ensure you are not using dull blades

If you have been using a razor for a while, you should confirm that its blades are sharp enough before you start trimming armpit hair. If the blades are dull, consider swapping the blade attachment before you start working on armpit hair. Consider getting a razor with a sharp blade. This can give you an easy shave.

Choose the right comb length

You then need to get a trimmer that has different comb attachments that you can pick from. Most trimmers have up to 3 comb attachments. Selecting the right comb length can help you trim lots of armpit hair within no time.

Trim in the shower

Though you can still trim the armpit hair dry, shaving it while it is wet is advisable. Get in a hot shower and shave your armpits. The hot water can easily soften armpit hair and minimize the risk of some of it being pulled in the process.

As you discover how to trim armpit hair men, you should also find the right products you can use during this process. For instance, you can utilize a shaving gel that can add more moisture to minimize the chances of irritation.  Shaving gel is also important since it can enhance razor glide. Ensure that you also use a waterproof razor before getting in the shower.

Trim armpit hair slowly

Rather than rushing into this, you should trim your armpit hair slowly and carefully. Doing this can prevent you from razor burn. Taking it slow can also help you achieve the closest shave. Armpit hair is different from facial hair since this tends to grow in different directions.

You should therefore take your time to trim it.  Use light and gentle strokes to avoid irritation.  Trim sideways and also top to bottom until you get to the preferred length. As you trim armpit hair, you should also rinse the underarm so that you can easily see which part you are yet to work on.

Rinse the blades often

Apart from trimming the armpit hair, you should also ensure that you are rinsing the blades. Run the blades under the bathroom faucet often to get rid of the hair clippings. You should rinse both the front and back sides of your blades to remove any dead skin or excess shaving gel on them.

Once you do this, shake the razor gently to get rid of excess water in them. Avoid tapping the razor against a sink since it can negatively affect the razor by reducing its lifespan. You should also avoid wiping the razor with a towel since it can affect the blade’s components.

Reapply shaving gel

Before you work on a spot one more time, you should reapply the shaving gel. Doing this can prevent you from developing a shaving rash on the underarm skin.

Rinse the armpits, then dry them

Once you do this, you can now rinse your armpits and dry them. Use a clean, soft towel to dry the armpits. You can then take a shower after shaving the armpits.

Use a good aftershave balm

Ensure that you moisturize the armpits after trimming. Using a good aftershave balm can help soothe the skin under your arms. You should wait for at least three minutes before you begin applying the moisturizer.

What you need as you learn how to trim armpit hair men

A good razor

Get one with sharp blades

Shaving gel

This can create good lather to hydrate armpit hair

Hot water

This can soften the hair

Aftershave balm

It can soothe the skin under your arms


Learning how to trim armpit hair men is important since it can help you maintain good hygiene. Pay attention to the steps we have discussed above to maintain clean-looking armpits.


Can I cut armpit hair out of the shower?

Yes, though this is not wise since you may experience nicks or cuts.

What length should I cut my armpit hair?

You can cut at least an inch of your armpit hair.


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