Best Trimmer For Balls In 2022

Looking For The Best Trimmer For Balls – Read our Buyers Guide Before Ordering – Updated for 2022

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You have probably never given much thought to trimming your groin hair before. But, now that you are looking for a best trimmer for balls, it is time to start thinking about them!

You want to make sure you get a best trimmer for balls that will provide the benefits of shaving your manhood without any of the drawbacks.

That means, making sure it has the best blades and guards available as well as an easy-to-clean design. We have done all of this work for you!

Below you will find our best trimmers for balls buyers guide as well as reviews on top rated brands we recommend!


 Philips Norelco OneBlade Body Trimmer

  • Closer Shaves

  • Long Life Battery

  • Versatile technology

  • Best Seller

  • Philips Warranty

  • Blades Included


The one blade unique Technology is used.

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is one of the best trimmer for balls and all over body hair removal. It’s a one of a kind electrical grooming appliance.

It uses technology is tailored to suit men with beards, those who wear stubble or those having facial hairstyles. The Philips Norelco OneBlade is efficient in trimming edges and shaves hair of different lengths with ease making it the best trimmer for balls. 

It has a dual protection system –a glide coating with rounded tips –Makes shaving easy and comfortable. This shaving technology has a fast-moving razor (200 xs per second) that makes it efficient for short and long hair.

Trim it down to the desired length 

Get the best shave using Philips Norelco OneBlade that has the potential to trim your beard to precision within the required length using one of the three stubble combs 1mm for a 5 O’clock shave, a 3MM when you need a tight trim and 5mm when you need long stubble shave. 

Edge your hair 

The dual-sided feature helps to create precise edges. It gives you the ability to shave in either direction, which brings visibility to the hair you are shaving. OneBlade allows you to attain your desired shave in seconds, ranking it as the best trimmer for balls.

Shave unwanted hair

The OneBlade is better than the traditional blade as it does not shave close as the conventional blade. It allows your skin to feel comfortable. It also goes against the grain and shaves any hair length with ease. Making it one of the best trimmer for balls.


Create accurate edges & sharp lines with the dual-sided blade technology

Philips Norelco OneBlade gives you the chance to shave as per your face contours, allowing you to get perfect and comfortable hair trim. The dual-sided blade is excellent in styling your edges to get clean lines when moving the blade.

Choose stubble combs of changing length (1, 3, 5 mm)

 Philips Norelco OneBlade allows you to click combs enabling you to get the desired length of the shave.

The OneBlade is durable.

The blade design allows it to last longer and perform well. To get optimal performance, you will be required to after every 4 months. The replacement procedure is easy and hassle-free.

 Trims and shaves in both Wet& Dry conditions 

OneBlade is impressive as it is water-resistant. This makes it easy to clean by simply rinsing under the tap. While shaving, you can use foam or without foam according to your preference.

 Perfect Long-lasting battery for an ideal hair trimming 

 The battery serves you for up to 45 minutes of constant use. This is after it is charged for 8 hours. Men are using OneBlade as it is the best trimmer for men and offers versatility.


Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

  • Long life Battery

  • Skin protector

  • Shower Proof

  • Warranty Included

  • Closer Shaves

  • Various Grades


best trimmer for shaving balls.Trims Body hair while protecting the skin

The design of the Bodygroom 1100 makes it suitable for the body, which is perfect when you are searching for best trimmer for balls.

The Series 1100 is different from other electric or manual tools used on the face. It has a compact design, unique skin protection, and it is good when used in sensitive areas or when on the go.

Bodygroom series 1100 is the best trimmer for balls a man could wish for.

Protect your skin when trimming close to the skin

It has a unique skin protection design that guards the very sensitive areas of your body. This allows you to trim hair comfortable to shorter lengths such as 0.5 easily without the sharp edges of the blade and the skin coming to direct contact.

 It has a 1/8 trimming comb that can trim the hair in the desired direction 

Its unique design allows it to trim in any direction using the 3mm comb. This tool makes shaving efficient as it can cut hair growing in any direction. 

The Philips Norelco Being 100% waterproof, the device can be easily rinsed after shaving. To get the best results from this body is recommended to use with dry hair before taking a shower.

Has an AA battery that can last the appliance for 2 months of using 

This reliable compact AA battery-powered trimmer can be used at any given time whenever you need it. One battery of the Philips Norelco lasts up to one-two months.

Important to note is that runtime can vary depending on the frequency of body grooming and the type of hair. To get the optimum performance, use the high-quality Philips Alkaline AA batteries.

Maximum control enhanced by Ergonomic grip

It has a rubber grip design that facilitates optimal handling when using when wet. It allows for the best control when used in at the shower or in dry conditions making it the most suitable men’s hair trimmer.

Shower code makes storage easy 

The shower cord can be used to hang to the Philips Norelco body groomer at locations where it is most accessible and convenient for you to access easily and ready to be used whatever the occasion.

Has a warranty of up to 2 years

This amazing male trimmer has the best comfort and service. This is because it has a warranty for two years.


Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 –

  • Dual Sided

  • Skin Friendly

  • Shower Proof

  • Choose From 5 Settings

  • Long Life Battery

  • Self Sharpening


best trimmer for ballsShave and trim your whole body confidently using one tool 

It can shave areas below your neck with ease. While shaving, you can switch between trimming and shaving and make adjustments to trim lengths without altering the attachments.

Its design allows it to provide safety and comfort ability for shaving the back, chest, abs, shoulders, and arms, under arms, legs, and groin area.

Gives you a close and comfortable body shave 

It adapts to your body contours, giving you a comfortable, close, and smooth shave as it is a four-directional pivoting shaver.


Trimmer possesses five adjustable lengths making it one of the best trimmer for balls!

You have five trim lengths to lock on, ranging from 3mm to 11 mm. The adjustable trimmer is inclusive of a guard and has self-sharpening steel blades.

Hypoallergenic foil and rounded tips for skin comfort.

The blades tips are rounded to provide smooth contact with the skin. Its design prevents cuts and nicks. A single stroke of this revolutionary men’s trimmer captures both thick, short hairs.

Easy to use and clean even when wet or dry 

The Bodygroom Series 7000 gives you a perfect and comfortable shave when used in or out of the shower. This body groomer is water-resistant, which makes it easy to rinse after use. Dry hair will lead to a better shave or trimming compared to wet hair. This is because wet hair will likely stick to your body.

The ergonomic grip which brings maximum control

The rubber grip design allows the user to have maximum control and better handling when using weather on wet hair or dry hair.

Five-year warranty globally and works without oil

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 is durable, making it the best solution for men shaving and trimming balls. It has a standard worldwide voltage configuration. Furthermore, it does not need to be oiled.

One hour charge produces 80 minutes of continuous shave/trim time.

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000, which is one of the best trimmer for balls, uses advanced lithium-ion battery’s which provide maximum power for a better shave. It provides a longer run-time that will lead to multiple shaves before being recharged. This shaver/trimmer will be fully charged in one hour and last up to 80 minutes. It has a battery light that shows the battery status, whether it is optimal or low. It charges directly eliminating the need for a charging stand.



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